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  1. Wege


    Bugger... I think it was one of the RAR units. I don't recall which, though. 1RAR? 4RAR? I just don't see any unit patches/colours.
  2. regarding that full mag usage.. I reckon that TM have changed the material of the magazine specifically for this one - It appears to be made of stainless steel as oppposed to the weird metal that comprises the usual TM M1911A1 magazines - that thinner wall allows for a fraction more gas which allows all the rounds and more to be fired out. It was fantastic - nicer feeling than the standard 1911 - (a mixture of the grips and the sights methinks) but something else I noted (but did not have a chance to verify before I moved to Australia (sod it!) was that the Cone barrel does not allow the
  3. Wege


    Sorry.. not the clearest IR shot. (shrugs) Me crouched and ready. Uploaded even though the image is not great quality, but to show that the DPU is still IR treated (didn't get a shot of the boots though, and the JG AUG looks a nice dark colour in it - not a glowing bright white-ish colour at all) A slightly better shot of the ensemble and the F88A2 Although I wish the photographer took better shots. Ah well. Beggars and choosers.
  4. Here is my one with a '1-pointer'
  5. Hello. This question is to stay within the (what seems to be) Generic MP7A1 GBB thread. The MP7A1 from Umarex/KWA in Germany is semi auto only, correct? IF so, does anyone know what is different (inside) from the Semi-only German one and the standard KWA/KSC versions (that have Fully Auto as selection)? We (in NZ ) are rather interested in it. Cheers Wege
  6. chuckle at Mark's comment - I just envisaged someone fitting a 300mm KA standard silencer to it.. almost need to put a set of those RIS attached Bipods to it (or fit a grip-pod onto it for GBB-sniper-ness)
  7. Wege


    has their been a comparison at all, of the fabric and colour difference between Issue and ebaybanned/cloned stuff at all?
  8. Is the rubber the same style as their other GBBs? IF so, then it is easy enough to get a VSR10 barrel and trim as needed... surely? Regarding that barrel length (OEM) I suspect that TM have left it as normal to avoid the power pushing past the .98J mark.
  9. that does not look out of place on the AK like that. Nice
  10. OR at the least, show a copy of the internals of the Umarex one that goes into Germany?
  11. I think the Elcan looks out of place because it is the SR receiver. As we know, it looks far better on the F88A2...
  12. I think the Sights could be monkeyed with, but failing that, WHY would a metal frame be a good thing for something that on the real gun is Polymer/Plastic?
  13. Oh you *beep*.. !! Fine.. I will hunt up all sorts of ###### and stuff for you.. only cos you is famous and all...
  14. I was bored and updating my bookmarks for manufacturers. Just the Japanese ones so far killerstudio link - dead laylax - duplicate ktw - error b-pineapple - error protec - error 404 angs - duplicate systema - the link just needs fixing.. and the site is still under construction..... :/ smokeys - gone? Factory Brain - who were they? And dead Gami - closed in 2008? This of any help at all? Taiwan - KWC -dead HK- Nato works - dead SA80 workshop - generic US advert host What about places such as Ares. Are TDI in the US list? Could t
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