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Need an Appraisal for a KSC G19 package


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Hey guys, I need a favor. I need help appraising my KSC G19 kit. I tend to be very bad at these things, and have so far only gotten one or two other appraisals and would like more general opinions, so that I can get a better average price basis. Anyhow...enough of my babbling, on to the details. I have a KSC G19, that is fitted with one of the older and rarer KSC metal slides, where the trademarks are engraved rather than laser etched. The slide and barrel has been powder coated to maintain durability, and is a good color. Anyhow, the gun itself is missing a serial number plate (I can replace if the seller wishes), and has a Hurricane upgrade recoil rod in it. In my package, I would like to include a Kydex holster, a spare mag, and an M3 unit. the M3 unit I was told when I bought it was a G&P, and it functions as any other G&P, but I'm weary because the lamp itself does not bear any G&P markings. Could anyone advise how I should state this in my sale? Also, here's a pic, I can take more if it is needed for a more accurate appraisal. Thanks!


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