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Flyye ordering info and questions thread

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Due to the amount of enquiries we get concerning Flyye kit we've made a thread devoted to it.


A relatively small company, Flyye produce excellent products and have a great attention to detail. They also value feedback and take onboard what we have to tell them from our customers. As they have got more successful they have stopped selling retail to many parts of the world and now only supply distributors such as us. We are their sole UK and Eire distributors, and all enquiries (retail and wholesale) are directed straight back to us.


On Flyye's website you will see a large amount of kit, in many different colours. Take into account different sizes and that's a lot of gear. This is just their catalogue though, and not stock. In other words, what they can produce, not what they have. They run a lean production method to cut down on costs and reduce storage space. We, and our retail customers stock what we think our customers want, but for anything else we place an order at the end of every month, which is a customer driven order. Either email or pm me with your request and I'll give you the current price including shipping. If you agree we'll add the item/s to the order. Once we place the order it takes about 3-4 weeks to produce, then 2 weeks to ship, maybe less depending on their workload at the time. Sometimes due to national holidays it might take longer, but if you email or phone us we'll always attempt to give you an accurate timescale.


Anyway, if you have any questions just let us know.





Alun Gilmore

The Combat Store

Built for Battle

Web Site: www.thecombatstore.co.uk

Web Site: www.builtforbattle.co.uk

Email: sales@thecombatstore.co.uk

Email: sales@builtforbattle.co.uk

Tel: 01526 351468

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