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WA GBBR Summer and Winter Recoil Springs.

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I am not sure if this counts as bulk but I have 8 sets that are not needed.


These are Recoil springs for the WA type GBBR. There is one soft and one hard in the set. These will depending on gas and temperature give faster ROF and better felt recoil in your WA AGM JG etc M4's


The idea is simple, In the summer use the harder spring and in the winter use the softer spring. You can of course swap and change to suit your gun the gas being used and whether you want ROF or felt recoil.


They were purchased for a school physics project nothing to do with Airsoft and what's left is what was not used. They are still unused in sealed packages and in perfect condition.


Any questions feel free. I have 8 sets. 16 springs in total would prefer to sell as pairs but let me know if you want singles or multiple.



I am only asking for £5 a set plus £1.50 p&p




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