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First of All, this is an Airsoft Gun which many people may buy to enter the sport, as M4's are the most popular and for this price tag its a good AEG.

I dont own this gun anymore.

Has been gone for a couple of years but was a very cool shooter ;)


What comes with it in the Box?


The gun

A Small pack of BB's

Cleaning Rod



Orange Safetycap for the End of the Barrel.


The Gun itself


The Handguard, Stock and Body are all Made of Very Strong ABS Plastic. Even tho the Hanguard looks very flimsy, it is very durable.

The Metal Parts include the Carry Handle. Outer Barrel, Front Sights, Trigger...

I only noticed a slight Problem which can be fixed easily.

The stock Tube sometimes comes loose. So you have to take of the stock, open the stock tube cover with an allen key and take a long srewdriver at tighten the screw on the bottom of the Tube.

Thats it.

The External Parts are very good...


Firing the gun

When i first fired the gun, i was amazed by its accuracy and power.

I could easily shoot paper targets which are the size of an adults fist at about 15 meters away. ( That was without the Hop-up being adjusted)

The Rate of fire is good but not the best. You can easily get a higher ROF by smacking in a 9.6V battery. (Don't quote me on this as internals often don't take the beating for too long)



The gun is a very good one at the price tag of 119 pounds.

You can't go wrong and as its a M4 there are many cheap ways of upgrading it.. (Internals and Externals)

Spare parts aren't too expensive.


I would rate it 8 out of 10





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