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Website Problems

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Wondering if anyone else is having trouble with there website? Unable to send message to them from there site, if i try to email them, its returned say unavailable.


Made a purchase with them and have not heard anything or received a conformation of order.



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Pm your order number and I'll chase it up.


it is peak season and this is our first year as #1 airsoft exporter.

we are coping, but the seams are stretching a little.

so our servers can have busy periods, and the simplest solution is try again later.

we do have plans for upgrading the system in the near future, but this will take time.


we are receiving emails regularly so maybe your returned one was a random glitch.

but if it persist please post as we have other email address you can try.

very sorry for any inconveniences caused.

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I never had problems with their site but I think it's abit slow!


But great service and quick replies! I'm a very happy customer.


I have never had any problems with EhobbyAsia ever, and late last night they PM me with my conformation of order.


Yes i will buy from them again because they are a great site.

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