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    Asahi M40A1
    Asahi Walther WA2000 SDX
    Geneth Walther WA2000 DX
    Ares Walther WA2000
    Ares AMP DSR-1
    Socom Gear Barett M82
    Sun Project M40A1XB
    Tanaka M24 PCS
    Real Sword SVD
    JAC XM177 x3
    JAC M16VN
    Escort SVD GBB
    Daytona Gun M-110/SR-25
    Daytona Gun MP5
    Magpul Masada ACR
    KSC Glock 18c x2
    TM/Nova M1911 Kimber Warrior
    TM/AS Brass SFA V12
    WA/Prime M1911 V12 Brass
    TM/Detonator SFA V12
    TM/ProG4 Hi Capa SV IMM
    Steel Kimber 1911 Raptor
    Steel SV IMM
    Steel SFA V10

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  1. I have a WA Rtype full metal with Edge metal kit S70 for sale ..
  2. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Oh man they are great!!! Wolf
  3. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    PGC SFA Operator WA based
  4. wolfgeorge

    TM 1911 Trigger Issue

    Something appears to be misaligned .. take it apart and reassemble it I'm guessing the leaf spring jams somewhere Wolf
  5. wolfgeorge

    Glock Picture Thread

    I had one .. Cool slide kit ..Sadly sold it but I kept the Prime/Nova ZEV G17L Wolf
  6. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hahaha Nope .. but feels nice !! Love WA's I always wanted a Kongsberg 1911... It's so nice! This is .. An Edge kit build around a WA Magna R-Type Wolf
  7. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Commander size 1911s Nova SAI 1911 Commander and Nova Kimber 1911 Pro Raptor II Wolf
  8. For sale Full STEEL FPR Springfield 1911 V10 Frame, slide, barrel, controls (except trigger which is aluminium) all steel. Wooden grips Brand new, shot only a few shots, comes with 2 short mags. Tokyo Marui system. Only 35 ever made!!! Price 1250 Euro Prime brass chromeplated Colt 1911 Commemorative WWII European theater Brass frame and slide Chrome controls Only 20 ever made Western Arms system Mint contition Price 950 Euro Zeke aluminium Colt 1911 S70 T6062 aluminium Frame and Slide Western Arms Magna R-type system Wooden Colt grips Price 650 Euros All guns are located in Greece Europe and prices include shipping Wolf
  9. wolfgeorge

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!! Wolf
  10. wolfgeorge

    WTB Piper M134

    I'm looking for a Piper M134 but it has to be EU based.. Importing one from outside Eu it willbe real pain Wolf
  11. wolfgeorge

    WTB Viper tech M4/SR16 GBBR

    Found them Wolf
  12. wolfgeorge

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    I'd buy that .. but I think I'll wait them to release something fancier! Wolf
  13. wolfgeorge


    Both are Ares bodies, the black is the older XM110 body build by DG, it's emi auto only and you could buy it as a complete gun, the trigger is awesome , love it . The Tan was build by me .. It's working fine I've done tr trigger mod for more stable FPS, I have to R hop it now .. Wolf
  14. wolfgeorge


    Daytona Gun M110/SR25 GBB Wolf
  15. I'm looking for a Viper tech M4 GBBR .. I'd prefer a SR16 mostly but any could do the trick I'm not looking for guns with fixed carring handle. PM me your offer. Wolf

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