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    Magpul Masada ACR
    KSC Glock 18c x3
    Maruzen/Prime Walther P99 GBB x2
    TM/Nova M1911 Kimber Warrior
    TM/AS Brass SFA V12
    WA/Prime M1911 V12 Brass
    WA/Prime M1911 V12 Aluminum
    TM/Detonator SFA V12
    TM/ProG4 Hi Capa SV IMM
    Steel Kimber Raptor x7
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  1. wolfgeorge

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!! Wolf
  2. wolfgeorge

    WTB Piper M134

    I'm looking for a Piper M134 but it has to be EU based.. Importing one from outside Eu it willbe real pain Wolf
  3. wolfgeorge

    WTB Viper tech M4/SR16 GBBR

    Found them Wolf
  4. wolfgeorge

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    I'd buy that .. but I think I'll wait them to release something fancier! Wolf
  5. wolfgeorge


    Both are Ares bodies, the black is the older XM110 body build by DG, it's emi auto only and you could buy it as a complete gun, the trigger is awesome , love it . The Tan was build by me .. It's working fine I've done tr trigger mod for more stable FPS, I have to R hop it now .. Wolf
  6. wolfgeorge


    Daytona Gun M110/SR25 GBB Wolf
  7. I'm looking for a Viper tech M4 GBBR .. I'd prefer a SR16 mostly but any could do the trick I'm not looking for guns with fixed carring handle. PM me your offer. Wolf
  8. I'm looking for a Viper tech M4 GBBR .. I'd prefer a SR16 mostly but any could do the trick I'm not looking for guns with fixed carring handle. PM me your offer. Wolf
  9. wolfgeorge

    Glock Picture Thread

    Actually I have 2 .. Bought them years ago when they were still available. Redwolf had these. I've fitted the other one in a Airsoft Surgeon SAI G17 Wolf
  10. wolfgeorge

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nova SAI BLU, EMG BLU frame I have this slide kit since it was released in 2016 I think. Build it a bout a month ago.. I can't decide which barrel to leave on the stock black barrel or the Airsoft Surgeon brass fluted Brass barrel Wolf
  11. Looking to build my Prime SR16 receivers, they simply empty shells so I need everything. If you have any broken Prime M4s or Prime WA GBBR parts PM me Wolf
  12. wolfgeorge

    Loft clearout time!

    Interested in the handguns too... Wolf
  13. Well Booster is now probably in his early 60s .. So finding his mom on FB will be tricky.. lol Don't know what happened.. he just vanished. I have his phone number and the answering machine message says JEFF so its him .. and hes still kicking! Wolf
  14. I'm looking to get in contact with Jeffrey Thompson AKA Booster, he was a tech on Classic Airsoft forum back in the day . I sent him a very very rare (probably a prototype of Sheriff) gun and he went off the grid a few years ago.. I have his address is near Granite Bay CA USA .. I have his phone number, email address and the actual address but he never replies to my emails and never picks up the phone . The answering machine says "This is Jeff ..." but even tho I've left him messges I still haven't heard from him .. It's been 4 years ever since and still nothing .. If someone here knows him or can help then please PM me Wolf
  15. wolfgeorge

    Viper Tech m4CQBR mk18

    PM sent Wolf

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