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    Asahi M40A1
    Asahi Walther WA2000 DX
    Geneth Walther WA2000
    Ares Walther WA2000
    Ares AMP DSR-1
    Socom Gear Barett M82
    Sun Project M40A1XB
    Tanaka M700P PCS
    Tanaka M24 PCS
    Real Sword SVD
    Sheriff Custom M4
    Sheriff M16
    JAC XM177 x3
    JAC M16VN
    Escort SVD GBB
    Daytona Gun M-110/SR-25
    Daytona Gun MP5
    Magpul Masada ACR
    KSC Glock 18c x3
    Maruzen/Prime Walther P99 GBB x2
    TM/Nova M1911 Kimber Warrior
    TM/AS Brass SFA V12
    WA/Prime M1911 V12 Brass
    WA/Prime M1911 V12 Aluminum
    TM/Detonator SFA V12
    TM/ProG4 Hi Capa SV IMM
    Steel Kimber Raptor x7
    Steel SV IMM
    Steel SFA V10

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  1. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Brass Chromeplated Prime Colt 1911 Commemorative WWII European theater Wolf
  2. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    I was looking for some time for those.. I love them. Wolf
  3. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Kimber Warrior, Nova kit on Tokyo Marui 1911 Wolf
  4. wolfgeorge

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Impressive piece. How does it shoot.? How's the new gas system?
  5. wolfgeorge

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I used to find them in Japan . Unfortunately prices went up significantly the past 2-3 years there and it's no longer worth it. Wolf
  6. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    For the 5 inch you could order it with black or silver. I ordered it with black. With the commander there wasn't an option on barrels Wolf
  7. wolfgeorge

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Brass Prime/Tanaka SAA Wolf
  8. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nova SAI 1911 5 inch Wolf
  9. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Well CRW worked well for a couple times. Wolf
  10. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Its WA based.. Yes it's pretty expensive.. like all brass guns. @icolater yes they called Katana grips! I bought them from CRW a few years ago. Wolf
  11. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    My favorite gun among the ones in my collection Prime Colt Gold Cup National Match Wolf
  12. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    Yea.. you can find some deals there. But prices of the nice pieces went significantly higher the past couple years. There are some guys/proxy bidders that keep raising the prices. Wolf
  13. wolfgeorge

    FN Picture Thread

    I had opened up a JAC BHP.. Unfortunately sold it some time ago.. Wolf
  14. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    🤩🤩 Fantastic pieces man. Wolf
  15. wolfgeorge

    1911 Picture Thread

    @hitmanNo2 As a challenge mostly. I've learned quite a few interesting things this way tho.. that there are 2 types of nozzles, the 2 types of bbu's.. Now I've stumbled on an issue again. Everything is set and I can't install a stock mag catch ! I mean the mag catch doesn't fit.. ! The mag catch is from the SCW1 tho.. I have to locate the Rtype mag catch I have somewhere tho. Wolf

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