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Airsoft News Forum Rules

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Arnie's Airsoft News Forum Guidelines

Please read the rules and guidelines below before posting on the forums.

These guidelines have been written to make your life easier, and to help you avoid getting flamed or moderated because you posted the wrong thing.


In addition to the general forum rules, available here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=386, the airsoft news forum has some additional rules.


Duplicate News Threads

When a new gun or piece of kit becomes available at one of the many retailers, before starting a new thread about it please check to see if there is already a news thread (Eg. Manufacturer A to make a super mega gun) on the item in question.


If there is please add the release information to the existing thread, do not start new one. All duplicate threads will be removed.

“Not another AR/AK/1911/*” Complaints

While everyone has their own favourites, these complaints are entirely unrelated to the news and serve no purpose except the derailment of threads. Such comments will be treated as spam and removed, with the possibility of moderator action such as warn points and/or suspensions.


“£*? I could buy a * for that!” Complaints

These comments again serve no purpose and will be treated in the same manner, with posts removed and moderator action such as warn points and/or suspensions.


Please do not hotlink images from other sites without permission, if you wish to post an image from another site there are many methods you can take, such as downloading the image and uploading it as an attachment, to your Arnies gallery or to free image hosting websites such as Flickr, Photobucket and ImageShack.


Commercial Posting

Any posts that are commercial in nature are not allowed on these forums without the prior authorisation of a Global Moderator or Site Admin. If you are a member and have some personally owned kit to sell, put it in the For-Sale forum.


For the safety of all of our users, we also prohibit the crosslinking (e.g. advertising a sale) to Ebay or other commercial websites in commercial posts without first seeking authorisation. Unless you have a good reason for this (e.g. you are a retailer based upon Ebay), it is unlikely this will be granted. We restrict such activity due to the prevalance of fraudulent users on other websites. Sales carried out on these forums at least occur within the public domain where evidence of fraudulent / inaccurate sales descriptions can be more easily obtained.


To secure permission to post commercial content in the forums, contact a member of the Admin or Global Moderator team. Only those with Commercial User status are entitled to make commercial posts. Commercial posting in the regular forums will result in your post being deleted.


If you are a retailer, wholesaler, importer or you represent a commercial or profit-making entity, e-mail your details to Arnie (news@arniesairsoft.co.uk), and he may be able to make a News post for you. This method will likely get your information more viewers too!



Some general rules that are particularly important in the airsoft news forum:


Use descriptive titles for new threads

Posting a thread with the title "Look here!", or "Please help", will not attract the attention of the users. If you use titles like "Marui M4 not taking BBs", or "New release from Classic Army", more people will view your post!


Use good English to post and 'Spell-Check' if necessary

This is an open-access English language forum. When you post, you are effectively publishing your written work for the world to see. Use punctuation, good grammar, and the Spell Checker if you need to. Posts that are difficult to read or demonstrate an unwillingness to use the English language correctly may be deleted at the moderators' discretion. If English is not your first language or if your language skills are not great, please just do your best. We can live with imperfect English to a degree, we won't live with a lack of effort.


So called "l337-Speak" should also not be used on these boards.



Make sure that your posts are relevant

Irrelevant or pointless posts take up space and waste other peoples' time. If posts contribute nothing to the conversation or the community, they will be deleted. Give advice only if you are sure what you are talking about. Don't mislead people as at best you are risking their money, and at worst, you are risking their safety. You may give clues if are uncertain, but do not speak with authority if you are really only trying to guess.

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