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  1. Looking through your posts, you have one of the worst attitudes I have seen, you can either amend it or you will have to find a new forum where you can act like a superior tit and refer to other members as "kiddies and wannabes" because they disagree with you.
  2. Misfit


    Sometimes it's best for people to only think you're an idiot, rather than you confirm it. Stop confirming it so I don't have to delete your posts lest they infect everyone else.
  3. This belongs in the reviews forum but as it's against the rules to just link the review, I'm locking this. Edit: Not really sure why you reposted this actually after the last thread was removed, you can either follow the rules with regards to reviews or not post them.
  4. Just a note - I'm not planning to remove/hide this thread as you requested, it seems relevant to anyone planning to do business with them.
  5. Hi. It's obviously not recommended to go firing in public but at the very least, please don't post videos of it here. Last thing anybody wants is someone doing the same and having an ARU round.
  6. Hi. Please don't use reports like this in the future - if you need edits made to a review it's far easier to PM a moderator with a link to the thread and the entire updated posts text. That way we can just copypasta it in instead of digging around for the right sections so we don't break it any further, etc.
  7. Confirming I am the worlds best moderator.
  8. Making review posts which are just self-serving links to your own blog is against the forum rules. Thread locked.
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    2. WhiteHawksan


      Clicking when you're not baked is not a good idea. I have no idea what just happened either.

    3. renegadecow


      Just so you know,clicking it twice doesn't help either.

    4. Victory
  9. jkpics - Your general attitude in a number of posts leaves a fair bit to be desired, remember that tone of voice cannot be read through text therefore people could read your post in the precise opposite manner of what you intended.
  10. First of all, a big thank you to Get-Reload Airsoft, who donated this in order for it to be reviewed. http://www.get-reload.com/airsoft-gun-ppk-007-gbb-pistol-black-p-678.html Those airsofters that like to hoard shiny, stylistic boxes are likely to be disappointed – it arrives packaged in a rather dull, grey cardboard box, with a graphical inlay in the lid. As for the gun itself, it appears to be a clone of the Maruzen PPK/S, which accurately recreated the real steel Walther PPK/S to some of the smallest details; this attention to detail is happily still present. When first releas
  11. Name changes are no longer provided.
  12. Confirming moderators exist only to spoil users fun, like The Colonel from Dennis the Menace.
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