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Good aftersales service from ACMGear.com

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I recently got a chinese replica of the Elcan SpecterDR (4x only) and while the replica's exterior was very nice, the eyerelief and clarity of the lens awesome, I found a few spots on the lens, probably wet paint from the assembly line.

I contacted ACMGear.com about this, and they were super-quick to respond, asked for a picture of the problem, wich I sent, and while they argued the sight was to expensive to simply send me a new one, they asked me to return it or to think of something else. I thought I could still use the optic for looks and some proper use and asked for a T-1 Micro Red Dot, to wich they just aswered afirmatively (remember: today is sunday).


This is the quickest I have had an airsoft store solve a problem. Just wanted to let you know and hopefully, other retailers (like Ebairsoft) take note of this.

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