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  1. Very cool, dude! BTW: What's the yellow and black flag rolled up on your back?
  2. Not Europe, but... https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005002435136291.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274263c0I1QIJ4 https://www.sixmm.com/products/maddog-xm177-m733-high-density-nylon-classic-handguardblk?_pos=27&_sid=433555ca5&_ss=r https://www.sixmm.com/products/maddog-xm177-m733-high-density-nylon-classic-handguarddeluxe-ver-blk?_pos=26&_sid=433555ca5&_ss=r
  3. Oh, yeah. But that one is made by Arrow Arms. They could be, but I do not think they are the same company. DE has an official Youtube channel in which they show the APC556, but not the APC9, so I think they are different companies.
  4. And, apparently, it's even oficially licensed by B&T. https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p49711/Double-Eagle-B&T-APC556-AEG-Rifle-(Black)/product_info.html
  5. Does anyone know of an M4 barrel extension (one of those to extend your 10.3/10.5 to a 14.5), but with CW thread, +14mm? Thanks!
  6. Very nice. What barrels and front sights are you using? That old grey shaed looks awesome.
  7. Almost half price of Marui's offering, so... yeah: If you wanna own this ugly monstrosity, save yourself some money.
  8. Guigeand, excellent post. OP, I suggest that you take your time and sift through this thread: http://www.france-airsoft.fr/forum/index.php?showtopic=101482&st=15960 I cannot tell you exactly what page 8sorry, it's over 800 pages long9, but there's a guy who even has original hardcore gear, like period correct NVGs and radios. IMO, that level of detail is overkill. Most of the stuff is unobtainable nowadays.
  9. chas

    WE New SMG ?

  10. https://gunmallhk.com/index.php I just discovered this store: they have incredible prices, some items are priced closer to wholesale than to retail. The site, while not great, has its own product pictures, which is a good sign, since they took the time to do that, instead of cloning another website or using someone else's pictures. However, they only mention local shipping or pickup, which leads me to believe they could indeed be wholesale for local stores. I will send them an email. In the meantime, if anyone has any info on them, I'd like to hear it. Cheers
  11. chas

    Custom Gear

    In anticipation of receiving my TMC Safariland 63DO replica, I decided to update this old copy of a Safariland USP+Flashlight holster with some Gunskin and a QLS. Can't quite get the colours right on my phone, but it is very nice in person. If you have real multicam, though, it will probably not match it. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32824505177.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274263c0WVscOs https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32902003871.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274263c0WVscOs
  12. In anticipation of getting my TMC Safariland 63DO replica, I decided to update this old copy of a Safariland USP+Flashlight holster with some Gunskin: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32824505177.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274263c0WVscOs
  13. All Cyberguns; ACM X300 and black silencer, ACE 1 tan silencer and Marui gold flashlight.
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