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Southern California "Motovelocipede"

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I love this bike and it gets tons of attention (and people trying to buy it from under me), but I hardly ever ride it and I'm out of frequent flyer miles so it's time to let go.


$1500 picked up in the 92591 area, no trades please. Unfortunately I don't have a truck, and though it's technically possible I don't recommend hanging it on a bike rack.


Custom reinforced frame and steel tanks with integrated motor mounts and chain tensioner, 67cc 2cycle engine, slant head, racing carb with upgraded internals, billet intake, custom made air filter, extended expansion chamber exhaust, short cranks, Felt tires, brown cables, Sunlite springer fork with brake bosses, front drum hub, billet rear hub adapter, short fenders, constructeur rear rack and full grain leather panniers, custom seat mount with antique leather saddle, upgraded clutch pads, plus a lot more that I can't remember. In my opinion I've got the bike running just about perfect--it starts right up even after sitting a couple weeks and pulls strong up to around 35 MPH. Includes a big box of parts including a brand new carb with billet manifold and the original exhaust and fork.


Build photos:



Original tires, bars, grips, fork, exhaust, crank, pedals, seat. No front brake!



New seat, grips, and fresh paint.



There's a copper shroud on the frame for the clutch cable, and the throttle and choke run through steel channels in the tank.




Compound curve in tank




New rack, rear fender, bars, levers, drum brake, and tires.



New cranks, bearing, pedals, and distressed high temp copper paint job on trim. If I were to keep it I would eventually paint all the aluminum and chrome either black or copper.



With original manifold, fork, fuel lines, and exhaust. The new long pipe is much quieter and doesn't exit on your shoes, and the copper fuel lines tended to leak.

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