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ATC2K Helmet/Gun Video Camera


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Hey folks!


Because I no-longer go airsofting very much I am clearing out some kit. This is a mini video camera that I bought for a national event a few years ago and since then have used many times of the skirmish field.


It's basically an extreme sports video camera that has been designed for rugged, outdoor use. However, it also makes a great (if a little chunky) helmet camera and can be mounted on practically ANY airsoft weapon. (So far it's been fitted to everthing from an UZI to an M249.)


The camera is a few years old now (newer versions have a higher resolution) but still performs flawlessly and is in near-mint condition.



Waterproof up to 3 metres.


Films in multiple .AVI resolutions (the highest being 640 x 480)

Fully Windows compatible.

Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included).



1 x Oregon Scientific ATC2K Camera

1 x Rubber Helmet/Weapon strap.

1 x Camera Mount.

1 x Handlebar Mount.

1 x Mini USB Lead.

1 x 2gb SD Card.

NOTE: I don't have the manual but the PDF is available online! (Can't link here but can PM)


This is a great bit of kit for anyone looking to grab a few videos of their airsofting experience, just strap it on, play and then edit the footage when you get home!


Because this has been replaced by a newer model and because there is no box or manual I am looking for £50 + £5 for Recorded Delivery. (PayPal only please!)


Feel free to ask any questions!



th_966593408_IMG_0351_122_555lo.JPG th_966606775_IMG_0352_122_157lo.JPG

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