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Summer Update 2011

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We are pleased to announce the latest products now available from Flecktarn.co.uk. All new products can be seen at http:www.flecktarn.co.uk


Firstly, we have added four new types of inert ammunition to our product selection. All inert ammunition is sold with no propellant or working ignition to make it safe and legal to own. Pressed to the correct depth, the inert rounds can be used for action proving as well as for decoration:

9mm Luger Inert Round (Steel Case) - 60p each

.44-40 Winchester Inert Round (from the 'Gun that Won the West') - 1.00 GBP each

Lee Enfield .303 Inert Round (the UK rifle round of WW1 and WW2) - 95p each

.357 Magnum Inert Round (with jacket round nose) - 75p each


We are also pleased to announce that the latest Multicam products which are now available. These products are genuine Crye Multicam to match with MTP or other Multicam webbing and uniforms, and are a selection of personal accessories and utilities to make life in the field easier -

Multicam Aquatex Hydration Pack (including a 2 litre inbuilt hydration bladder) - 49.50 GBP each

Multicam Webtex Knee Pads - 19.95 per pair

Multicam Small Stash Bag - 9.00 each

Multicam Large Stash Bag - 12.50 each

Multicam Tool Pouch - 5.50 each

Multicam A6 Notepad Holder - 12.50 each

Multicam Small First Aid Kit (with contents) - 12.50 each

Multicam S95 Sewing Kit Set (with contents) - 7.50 each

Multicam Wash and Shave Kit (with contents) - 10.50 each

Multicam Wash Bag - 16.95 each


We will be adding more Multicam to our selection as it becomes available.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you happy summer holidays from all at


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