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Airsoft Megastore

KWA NS2 ATP Now Available at Airsoft Megastore $129.95

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The KWA ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) is now available at AirsoftMegastore.com and is ready to ship! The KWA ATP uses KWA's patented NS2 Gas System, which maximizes slide recoil while maintaining power and consistency. The ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) utilizes many different features from contemporary real steel pistols used by military and law enforcement agencies. The unique design is very comfortable and ergonomic, and comes with an insertable back strap for the pistol grip. The ATP is compatible with upgraded parts and magazines for KWA's original M Series gas blowback pistols. Don't miss out on this unique and performance based KWA Gas Blowback pistol!


Extra Magazines are also available for $31.95!






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