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I have been ordering from this company for a few months now, after finding them through Google. And is still rocking on the top of the list of places to get my gear from.


The prices i find are hard to beat, and if they don't have a specific item i want in, customer service are always happy to order it in for me. In the past i have had items show up the day after ordering, but from my experience with them will usually show up around 2 days after ordering. From the experience i have had with the customer service, i couldn't find a fault with them. They were very happy and are glad to help in anyway they can.


I find that they stock a lot of things that i find hard to usually get hold of.


In the past i have ordered tactical vets rigs, molle pouches, goggles, holsters, knives, rifle slings and there new supply of Potomac jackets (review coming soon for that one :P )


And hope to deal with again in the near future :D


Thanks iA



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My one black mark against this site would be the three month delivery time on my boots a while back. Wasn't too pleased but they were way cheaper than anywhere else I could find them!

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