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ICS SIG 552 Commando review

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Hey guys.

Firstly, sorry for the lack of pictures. I may upload them at a later point in time but at the moment I really can't be bothered sorry.


Onto the review!


So I purchased the ICS Sig 552 Commando a couple of months ago and got it wired to deans. I'm currently using a 7.4v LiPo with it and it's amazing.


I am from New Zealand so I can't tell you anything about the gun in full auto, however in semi auto it has never jammed on me and it general it performs perfectly. I play at an indoor cqb field called 'The Armory' and this gun is perfect for it. You can fold the stock to make the already short gun even shorter, and the folded stock doubles as a foregrip. The trigger response on this gun is absolutely amazing, and the accuracy is great. Out of the box the hop-up was more or less tuned to perfection.


I can easily hit a person on my first shot from around 100 feet away, and in the shooting range I am able to hit a circular target that is about 3 inches in diameter one out of two shots. I love this gun, and disassembly of it is very easy. I've only done this once to see how it works but you prettymuch remove the front rails around the barrel where the battery goes in, and then push a small button labelled 'ICS' behind the rear sight.


When you push the button, the upper receiver simply slides forwards, giving you access to the gearbox and the barrel/hopup.


Although I don't really care about trademarks, I know lots of people on this forum love them. The gun has two sets of trademarks on either side of the receiver. On the left side it says:

SIGARMS Inc. Exeter-NH SAN Made in Switzerland Cal. .223 Rem.

SG 552-2 Commando (Unique serial number)


On the other side it says:



This gun is around 420 FPS out of the box. It features an ambidextrous safety, on which it says 'S, 1, 20' and comes with 2 clear 450 round hi-caps.

The magazine clips in sort of like an AK mag, and the magazines are clear and shaped like a G36 magazine.

Another thing I love about this gun is that the magazines clip together and detach very easily. This gun also has a functional charging handle and bolt catch however this does nothing in terms of firing the gun.


The one thing that I dislike about this gun, and apparently it's like this with every single one of them is this.

One of the magazines that comes with the gun is missing a screw near the wheel that you wind on the bottom of the magazine. This means that a bb can get lodged in there, which makes it so that the magazine won't feed and your gun won't fire. I managed to fix this however by opening the magazine, and just gluing the piece that is usually held into place by a screw together. This has fixed the problem entirely.



To sum up the review / TL;DR



420Fps out of the box but can be downgraded easily.

Folding stock.

No wobble on the gun whatsoever.

Realistic trademarks

Extremely accurate

Good hop-up

Removable charging handle for easier storage

Working charging handle and bolt catch.



One of the magazines doesn't come with a screw, but this can be fixed with a tiny bit of glue.




Thank you very much for reading my first review.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, positive or negative. If you would like pictures then please comment and I'll try to upload them as soon as I can.


Thanks again,


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I have to agree that the ICS Sig 55X is a great gun for the money. I have a 551 and have been very impressed by the stock accuracy and reliability. My overall impressions of this gun are very good.




The externals of the gun pretty are nice but I wouldn't say they're top notch. 7/10

- The plastic parts are quite robust

- The aluminum receiver has realistic trades but they aren't engraved as deeply as one would like.

- Rotating rear drum sight gives 3 different view options and clicks solidly into place adjustable for windage and elevation. Front sight is adjustable for windage and has a second (larger) flip-up blade sight.

- The removable charging handle and functioning bolt catch in a nice realistic touch. But don't let the charging handle slam forward too many times or the piece that holds the charging handle in will break making your charging handle easy to lose.

- The selector switch is very stiff at first but will become better with time.

- The trigger guard is too lose and will swing around on you when you don't want it to. I glued mine in place and it hasn't bothered me since.

- Easy break down and battery installation.


The stock internals are pretty impressive for ICS. I've put 50,000 rds + through it with zero issues. 8/10

- Factory shimming was pretty good, lubrication was also good.

- Gears and anti reversal latch seem to be made out of nicely machined good quality steel.

- The nozzle is proprietary but seems to seal well.

- Cylinder is good and smooth but cylinder head has a bit of a lose fit.

- Piston and piston head are respectable. Piston has a metal first tooth and the piston head is plastic non-ported with no bearings.

- Comes with the ICS turbo 3000 motor. This is motor performs very well, only one little issue is that it's a bit loud and high pitched.

- Spring guide is mediocre and has no bearings

- The plastic hop-up functions very well, but could probably use a better rubber.

- inner barrel is 363mm aluminum, bore?


Overall rating 7.5/10, A great gun for the price.


I have never used the stock Hi-Cap so I couldn't tell you is it's any good. I have been using Mag brand 100 rd midcaps and they feed very well. TM compatable mags (such as the mag brand mags) will fit and feed well in this gun with a small amount of filing. Mod

A 9.6 stick battery will fit nicely in the hand guard (551 only) and provide a decent ROF.


Recommended upgrades for best performance are as follows:


- Better sealing cylinder head

- Ported piston head with bearing.

- Bearing spring guide


- Hop rubber

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