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IA Combat Holster (Sand) and UKSF Rigger's (OD) Belts.

Review time: Got my hands on two tactical belts from Intelligent Armor, a UK based shop specialized to sell state-of-the-art tactical gear to you. They have their own brand products which will bring the mil standards for a reasonable price to you. I got the IA UKSF RIGGERS BELT and the IA COMBAT HOLSTER BELT.


Both belts are manufactured in the UK. Both belts are very light weight although they feel very rigid. Especially the holster belt is very rigid and will have no trouble to support any side arm holster and will stay in place even with heavy pistol weight. The rigger's belt is somewhat smoother but also very solid. The Military grade type 7 webbing is like a seat belt but much thicker with thicker webbing. They are about 4.5 cm wide and almost 0.5 cm thick. The buckles: Both belts have buckles from AutraAlpin brand obviously from Austria and are very fine crafted, and seem very strong. The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles tensile strength is 18Kn according to the manufacturer. The Cobra buckles are CNC machined 7075 aluminium alloy. The buckle release on the holster belt is as smooth as you can hope for, making it very comfortable and fail proof. According to the manufacturer the will not open while being under load.


Note: The belts are very true to size. I ordered both in a 36" version and they just fit tight with little space left to adjust. I would recommend you to take one size larger as your pants size. You will have enough velcro space to easily adjust to your waist. All in all two very nice belts with great value for the money. They are available in four colors: black, olive drab, sand, foliage green.










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