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bbgunsuk and proairsoftsupplies UK

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Hey everyone! This will be my first topic so bear with me - I recently bought an LS M9 from bbgunsuk.co.uk. I used to be alot more into airsoft and this was going to be the first gun id bought in a long time......I have since seen sense and bought a TM Hi-Capa. This is an email i sent about 12 hours after recieveing it....


Hey Dave


The gun turned up yesterday and i was gagging to get it open, really excited! I am very dissapointed with the gun im afraid. There are several bad problems with it - it worked fine for just 7 shots then started to malfunction. The first problem i encountered was bb's getting stuck in the barrel REPEATEDLY which was very annoying and it was IMPOSSIBLE to fire an entire magazine without the gun jamming. i thiought id try the other magazines - loaded the first one and after 2 blockages, i had (attempted to) fire 12 shots when the magazine let out all its gas and pretty much froze the gun so i left it for an hour to warm up a bit and tried the next magazine - this time i only got 3 shots before the same thing happened. I opened the box for the last magazine to find that the small piece of plastic that holds the bb's at the top of the mag had sheered off completely. (picture included) I was mortified! i persevered with the magazine that worked best and for a few hours it worked well with some but minimal problems but the rack (slide) NEVER locks back.....


then the trouble started! the gun started firing only every other shot which is extremely frustrating! The next problem was that the black piece of plastic that applies the gas to the chamber does not shoot back with the rack, meaning a pellet does not get put into the chamber and the rack gets stuck (pictures included) which makes the gun effectively useless, and another problem that i think may be connected to the last one is that the same plastic cylinder gets stuck on the rubber bung at the top of the magazine.


I accept that any gun may need 'running in' a little bit but it is now completely unable to fire even a single shot


I only used the gas (i tried both the 'suoper gas' and 'ultra gas') and bb's (only the o.2's) you supplied as i have none of my own and it was a very nice day in suffolk yesterday (im told the weather can affect performance)


I was completely gutted at the end of the day :( I know its not a TM or anything as such and to be honest i did not expect it to last for long but straight out of the box its simply not good enough. Im sorry to quibble as im sure to you 60 squid isnt much but its alot to me and i work hard for my money and have been looking forward to purchasing a GBB for a long while and ATLEAST expected it to be flawless straight out of the box.


I would like a full refund please, how do i go about getting it back to you?


All the best






It will be a week tomorrow and ive had no reply :( Ive sent it again and will keep my fingers crossed but what should my next move be?? Advice would be GREATLY appreciated.




Like i mentioned a day after this fiasco i ordered a hi-capa from proairsoftsupplies. it had to be painted (as i am non UKARA) and it still got to me by friday. Couldnt be happier with the gun or the service i recieved - HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!





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