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Noob signing in trying not to be rude.


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Hey guys,


I've gotta be honest, I've signed up to this forum because I'm desperate.


I used to be involved with airsoft when I lived back in Cambridge but have since moved to Buckinghamshire and after a few years have lost touch with everyone.


What I'm trying to do actually is I have one of these: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/reviews/svinfinity5/sv5_review2.htm


The Strayer Voigt Infinity hybrid comp and it's sadly lost all compression! :(


I would love to get this bit of kit working again as she is a proper beauty. If anyone knows how I could go about getting this restored back to full working order I would be eternally happy!


Hope I'm not being rude by asking a question in the introductions page.


Happy airsofting!



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Welcome to the forums.


And don't worry about it chap, plenty of people come here and ask for help along with their introduction.


What i'd suggest you do is take a good look through this section of the forum: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/199-just-handguns/ And see if there is anything in that to help, if not, post a topic there with more details and somebody whould be able to assist!

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Hey thanks for the prompt reply.


I'll have a look through all that stuff tomorrow, really wanna get the old girl firing again. I'm afraid I don't have much working knowledge in terms of exactly what the problem could be. I've stripped her down many times but can't seem to see what the problem is. All I can tell you is she was firing great and then all of a sudden there was no compression. The mag can be fully juiced with gas but the BBs just roll out of the end of the barrel!


Nice gallery you have here, some of you guys have some awesome kit. :D

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