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A&K M249 Para


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Gun/Model: M249 para

Accessories: Auscam box mag and short belt of demilled 5.56

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/iPad/high end gaming GPUs

Price/Payment:£200 posted (UK mainland, I'll consider sending it further at buyers expense)



Well I need some new bits for my PC and rather than replace like for like I'm looking for some upgrades, this gets used least out of all my guns cos of my shoulder being perpetually broken, so its being sacrificed in order that I may play the new Xcom with all the bells and whistles switched on, so any graphics cards higher up the scale than an HD7770 will be considered for part ex, and I'm also a sucker for shiny things that are actually a bit ###### so an ipad that can run(or comes with) Games Workshops overpriced apps will net you a straight swap...


Issues with the gun, the lugs that lock the bipod in place are a bit chewed, this doesn't actually affect the use of the bipod, but if you carry the gun with it deployed it can swing around and irritate you a bit(or maybe they all do that and its just me it bothers), and the O-ring on the hop is gone, replaced with electrical tape cut to size, which works just fine, but is a 10 second fix if you want to go to the effort of finding the right size o-ring.




(purple shower curtain not included)



Defences will be checked, two tone will be considered for the right offer.

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