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TTW: Shuttle-based Gaming PC

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This is a massive testing waters sale - I'm not entirely NEEDING to sell this rig, however if someone is fairly interested I can sell it and build another higher end PC :)


This Shuttle PC was built back in 2009, and has upgraded twice in the past 3 years. It has run very smoothly since installing it, no BSOD's, no hardware issues at all. I originally built it with an ATI HD5750, but then I upgraded it to an ATI HD6870 about a year ago, along with a newer 500W PSU to replace the older 350W PSU that came standard.


As it sits now, the build includes:


Shuttle SG45H7 Barebone (I can't remember specifically if it's the SG (G45 chipset) or SP (P45 chipset), but I'm 75% sure it's the SG)

4 x 2GB OCZ DDR2-800 RAM

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

ATI Radeon HD6870

Shuttle 500W PSU (to power the more demanding GPU)

Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green HDD (5400RPM, 64MB Cache)

ASUS DVD-RW/R (and etc) Optical Drive

2.5" USB/SD Card Reader


I think that's all that's in there, let me know if anything else might be missing.


I can grab some pics later in the week, but overall it's a great little gaming PC for those who are a little space restricted (I built this mainly to use as a dorm gaming PC). I do warn you however, on more demanding games the PC does run very loud and a bit hot (due to the side fan of the HD6870 not having any venting holes). You can either drill your own vent holes, add another fan on top (I think you can custom mount at least an 80mm fan on the inside), or swap out the CPU cooler fan with a more efficient one. Or, just run the PC without the case...lol.


I'm looking for about $475 shipped for everything, OBO. I have original boxes for all the components, and the older 350W PSU will also be included. The HD5750 is not an option sadly, since that's in my parent's lower-end build computer now.


PM for inquiries I guess, and thanks for reading :)

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