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  1. Curious OP but are you looking to build more of the movie rifle or what was accurate to the time? Because those are pretty different, and being that it is a custom rifle built in the time before rail-mounted accessories were a thing, if you want it truly accurate, some of those parts will be very hard to find now. I've built Gordon's rifle before (sold it unfortunately), but most of the parts used for the build are hard to find/out of production.
  2. They're gonna *fruitcage* up something engineering-wise that's just going to make it another display piece...
  3. Here's to hoping they just sell that scope rubber on the back because my PSG1 never came with one lol.
  4. Yup definitely an issue with the DBAL, it happens on 3 of them I own.
  5. So I know that a lot of real steel manufacturers (Streamlight, Surefire, etc.) don't recommend using rechargeable CR123A batteries for their lights/lasers, mainly because these manufacturers state that rechargeable batteries tend to have higher peak charged voltages than their lithium disposable counterparts. Surefire has always stated that this will damage the electronic circuitry in their weaponlights, so for that reason, I've been using standard disposable CR123A's for all of my lights and lasers. However, being the cheap economical bum that I am, I noticed that all of my G&P DBAL
  6. Which suppressor did you get for the M733? Been looking for one for forever and the old King Arms one is out of production.
  7. Thanks for all the advice everyone! I'll get the rewiring done once I build my workbench at my new place
  8. I think this pistol has reached peak meta lol. https://shop.jkarmy.com/c-c-mak-style-slide-set-for-aap01-gbbp-type-1-aap-01.html
  9. Question but how are yall mounting the pegboard to the wall? Are you just screwing them into your wall's studs? Curious because I have a ton of guns too but I'm worried on the weight limit to hanging all the guns.
  10. Many thanks to both of you! Will have to decide which method I'm going to go with haha.
  11. So you are wiring the main gearbox motor and the boxmag motor inline as one complete circuit, then wiring a pressure switch in parallel onto the motor, correct? I have no issues with soldering myself, I'm just terrible at electrical circuitry in my head lol.
  12. Recently got one of my grail guns that I've wanted since I started airsoft, and it's fantastic. While taking the gun apart and figuring out how it works, I had a few questions regarding the wiring, since support weapon electrical wiring varies model to model. 1. Aside from the motor terminals, the microswitch provided was wired to two connectors, male Deans and female Tamiya. However, my box mag was modified and modified to solely use a deans connector. Is the feed motor and trigger mech supposed to be wired inline together? Are they wired in parallel to each other? 1a. If it is mean
  13. So the TM M&P9 and M&P9L have different BBU units. Are the nozzles different too? Or can I use a standard M&P9 nozzle?

    1. intinerious


      Nope, difference nozzles, kinda like the G17/G18c difference.

    2. aznriptide859


      Bummer, time to buy more parts lol. Thanks!


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