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  1. aznriptide859

    Show us your war room!

    Question but how are yall mounting the pegboard to the wall? Are you just screwing them into your wall's studs? Curious because I have a ton of guns too but I'm worried on the weight limit to hanging all the guns.
  2. aznriptide859

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    Ahh, gotcha.
  3. aznriptide859

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    I think I finally understood what the barrel lugs are lol. On my 2011 Executive I think they're there, so I'd have to file them down prior to using the BBU?
  4. aznriptide859

    Several Questions regarding Inokatsu M60E3

    Many thanks to both of you! Will have to decide which method I'm going to go with haha.
  5. aznriptide859

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    Which lugs do you mean?
  6. As title states, I want to use Volante's BBU because more kick me likey. However, as I initially understood it from Volante's initial marketing, the BBU seemed to be exclusively used for helping achieve higher recoil in steel slides. I wanted to know if I don't plan to use CO2 or anything more powerful than green gas, would it be OK to use this BBU in an aluminum slide? Or should I stick with something more standard? I want to get two, one for a Nova Staccato P slide, the other for a Shooters Design STI Executive slide; both are extremely rare, and I don't want to risk at all blowing either of the slide to pieces Thanks!
  7. aznriptide859

    Several Questions regarding Inokatsu M60E3

    So you are wiring the main gearbox motor and the boxmag motor inline as one complete circuit, then wiring a pressure switch in parallel onto the motor, correct? I have no issues with soldering myself, I'm just terrible at electrical circuitry in my head lol.
  8. Recently got one of my grail guns that I've wanted since I started airsoft, and it's fantastic. While taking the gun apart and figuring out how it works, I had a few questions regarding the wiring, since support weapon electrical wiring varies model to model. 1. Aside from the motor terminals, the microswitch provided was wired to two connectors, male Deans and female Tamiya. However, my box mag was modified and modified to solely use a deans connector. Is the feed motor and trigger mech supposed to be wired inline together? Are they wired in parallel to each other? 1a. If it is meant to be wired inline, does the stock wiring come with its own resistor inline to downvolt the boxmag motor? I noticed it's rated for 6V, so if I plan to use a 7.4v lipo, wouldn't that shorten the box mag's lifespan? If it isn't meant to be wired inline, then do I use a separate battery for the box mag? 2. Is there any way to decrease the trigger pull weight? I noticed the trigger mech has essentially 2 springs giving resistance: the one behind the actual trigger, and the spring holding back the activation button on the trigger switch. The amount of force needed to pull the trigger is insane right now. 3. Any other reliability mods I can do to make the functionality of the gun perfect? Gearbox is already taken care of, I just want to make sure it feeds reliable and whatnot. Thanks!
  9. aznriptide859


    Oof, I'll think about it and let you know lol.
  10. So the TM M&P9 and M&P9L have different BBU units. Are the nozzles different too? Or can I use a standard M&P9 nozzle?

    1. intinerious


      Nope, difference nozzles, kinda like the G17/G18c difference.

    2. aznriptide859


      Bummer, time to buy more parts lol. Thanks!


  11. aznriptide859

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    Who needs wrist bones anyways? XD
  12. So I just learned the P320 allows for modular lower grip changes because the FCU is housed within frame. Purchased a P320 X-Five grip to see if the VFC M17's lowers will fit in it, then move onto a P80 grip to be a bit more unique. Hope this goes well!

  13. aznriptide859

    HK21 Build

    Curious but are you going to have the box mag feed directly upwards like a huge magazine, or use one of those huge feed tubes like the A&K M249 will? Also great work, been following your work on reddit too!
  14. aznriptide859


    I honestly just bought an E4 LOL, but I'm not closed to owning two How much would it be to ship to the US? I imagine with the crate it'll be a lot.
  15. aznriptide859

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Who makes the PMAG40? Been seeing them a lot recently.

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