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Kydex holsters made to order

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I've made some holsters for myself and my teammates, and I'd like to sell a few more to recoup costs.


TM DE Hardkick on a Safariland thigh rig with DFA; Cold Steel rubber knife on a Tek Lok:



My holsters are tension fitting, adjusted until the pistol snaps in place and cannot be removed without a firm tug. Right now I have Concealex in black, olive drab, and FDE; when I reorder I'll stick to Kydex as it's a little easier to deal with. I'm working on my shaping and edge finishing skills, but expect your holster to look similar to the above--serviceable, but not perfect.


Currently I'm working on a Y&P MK23, WE P226, G17, and two XDMs for teammates. Aside from my tiny personal collection, I'm able to mold holsters from whatever is in our armory, so there's a good chance I can make one without requiring you to mail me your gun.


Prices start at $25 for a .080 gauge pistol holster, ready to mount to a thigh shroud, not including shipping or hardware. I only use Safariland but they should be compatible with any platform. I have a limited supply of hardware available too (DFA, MLS, Molle-Lok, UBL). Let me know what you want, and I'll figure out if I can make it and how much it will cost.

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