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L96 and VSR Upgrade Guide, advice and tips

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We often get asked "what is best....." so i've done a write up surrounding how you should upgrade both the L96 and VSR. Subjective, i know, but the links describe how both my friends, colleagues and myself have found the best and most cost effective ways of upgrading a rifle. If you think i've missed anything, drop me a PM.


VSR (and clones): http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/upgrading-a-vsr


L96 (Well, Warrior, etc): http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/upgrading-an-l96






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just want to ask this part :"L96 hop buckings are hard to get hold of. You can either use a VSR bucking and slice off the bit that sticks out of the side or import a bucking."


It's mean i can use VSR-bucking in stock hop-up unit ( follow the minor mod you wrote) ?

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