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New OD Plate Carrier with SAPI Plates


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Hi all.


I'm selling this brand new olive plate carrier and brand new fake SAPI plates too. They were bought before some recent life changes and I just won't use them. Neither items have ever been used on the skirmish field and are absolutely as new.


I can't for the life of me find a make on the carrier but I have a feeling it's a Condor one. Possibly. It packs all the regular carrier features: drag handle, front, rear and side pockets for ballistic plates, fully adjustable shoulder straps, velcro on chest and back for patches.


The plates themselves are hollow plastic and I got them from China, they look pretty realistic IMO.


I don't want to split them as that would incur two lots of P&P and to send this bundle will cost upwards of £20 recorded. The price I'm asking INCLUDES P&P and is reflecting the newness of these items.


Condition: New.


Price: £100 (including £20 for recorded delivery)


Swaps: I will swap the whole lot for an OD Warrior Grab Bag or similar.




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