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Greetings from the great white North

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I'm Varjeal, age 39 from Alberta, Canada.  New to these forums but not to airsoft.  I run team CATS in central-ish Alberta and love the outdoor fields (not much of a cqb guy, at least not yet).  Also big into tech'ing my teams guns and a big AR-platform lover.


Basically I joined the forums to have another source of tech info to chase down those pesky issues and solutions. 


Current arsenal includes:


VFC E series Warrior (mostly stock with just some reliability mods and airseal fixes)

VFC Scar H Black Mk 17 (just got it into my hands used, my newest project)

(2) TM Mk23 Socom NBB pistols (my favorite handgun for outdoor fields) (TBB and "fixed" mags)

TM M4 Custom (nothing stock but the receiver...nothing TM either lol, kinda my first cqb project in the works)

(2) G&G M4 "Max" Customs (both loaners/renters)

RS Type 97 (stock just cause I haven't got to it yet and it hasn't needed anything but a spring downgrade)

Echo 1 249 (a work in progress, waiting to find some bushings)


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