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GEAR SALE: USMC impersonation kit

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Everything you see here is for sale!

Yes, even the BDU, the helmet, the hydration pack, everything!

If you want to see a specific item up close, PM me for a request pic and I'll show you!

Here's the list with the items on sale with the corresponding price:















Pantac MOLLE SPC vest, $220


Pantac dump/magzine drop pouch, $15


Pantac medic pouch, $10


Pantac hydration pack, $40


Pantac AR15 magazines, $30


Swat-SP-M03-TAN (Mich 2000) helmet for $25


The cover for that helmet is available for $9


Also the admin pouch with the flag on it is also available for the same price as the helmet cover.


The BDU itself is available for $50. It's a VERY high quality made BDU which breathes very well and will last you a very long time.


Also, I have a radio headset for sale, a Cavalvy TASC headset for $25.


The size of the shirt itself is not described in your usual size type but okay:


According to the label, the shirt is medium-long length.

Height: from 71 to 75 inches

Chest: 37 to 41 inches

Not sure if this helps but NATO size: 8090/9404





inseam: from 32.5 to 35 inches

Waist: from 27 to 31 inches

NATO size 8390/6979

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