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Kokusai Mini Uzi, Parts Lots

Josiah Hull

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First up is a mystery box of external parts. Not truly a mystery as what you see is what you get, but I am not going to go through and label everything. Some notable parts are two complete external sets for AK Beta's, both plastic bodies. A JG MP5 Lower receiver, MP5 Full Stock, Guarder MP5 Steel sling loop, MP5 Quick detach flash hider. M4 Handguards, Marui M4 pistol grip, M4 Flashider. TM PSG1 Upper receiver minus the extra bits (Now essentially a G3 body) Random other bits and bobs. Everything in the picture is included.

Asking $40 shipped and paypaled


Second is an internals mystery box. Same thing, what you see is what you get, dont know what all is there and have no clue what the springs are. I know there are some pdi and Guarder springs, along with various china springs. There are 5 complete gear sets, one CA, a TM set, 2/3 of another CA set, and various other manufactures. A brand new Modify V2 gearbox shell never used, an ICS v2 gearbox shell, a couple sets of bushings both metal and plastic, a complete TM P90 cylinder set and bushings, some motors (some work, some dont) and other stuff. Barrels are for both AEG and gas pistols and one odd ball with not hop up cut.

Asking $75 shipped and paypaled


Will sell both for $100 shipped and payapled

Also for sale is a Kokusai Mini Uzi
Old school bullet valve gun, does not seem to work and never has worked for me. Not sure why it wont work, but I mostly bought it to say, hey, I own a mini uzi.  I did make an adapter so it can use 6 mm air line instead of the original 4(?) mm line.  It does come with the original push to fit connector if you want to convert it back.

Would make a great candidate for an AEP conversion, I had thought of doing this at one point but I could never find an MP7 for sale at a price I liked.

Neat piece of work, comes with one metal magazine, the gun, original box and paperwork.


Asking $100 shipped and paypaled
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