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WTS ITT PVS-14 Omni VII Autogated


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Looking to sell my PVS-14 in order to buy a birthday (this weekend)/Christmas present for my dad: Steyr Aug


I've had this unit for a little over a year. It has not seen much use, mainly indoors only. Probably <12 hrs on it.


Specs per the chart found here: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_6_18/317705_.html:

- Omni VII

- MX11769/UV

- NSN: 5855015044590

- Part no: A3297310


MFR: 13567

CAD: 1030




High resolution here: http://i.imgur.com/dgQbMBo.jpg


It will come with:

- PVS-14

- Eyecup, demist shield

- Sacrificial window, dust/protective cap, infrared filter case (no LIF, sorry)

- Norotos rhino arm, mount (no screw) & helmet strap, two (2) J-arms + one (1) parts J-arm,

- 3x magnifier & case

- Manual & optical tissue

- Soft carrying case & strap


Only issue with the unit is (see high res picture, circled in red):

- Chipped battery housing

- Small blemish (other spots are just dirt specks that can be cleaned off)

- Missing nitrogen purge screw & o-ring



High resolution here: http://i.imgur.com/VEBg8w6.jpg




Price: $2500 + insured shipping


Will trade for Steyr Aug package, or throw some interesting offers my way... Money is only going toward a gift.

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