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Post your wish list for AEG build

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I was wondering if anyone had a wish list for an AEG build and if they could add a brief discussion bellow it to why they would go down that route with a build?


I did start putting something together but my knowledge is very limited as still learning  :no:


Ultimate 120 complete gearbox
Madbull hop unit 
6.03 tight bore
ASG Ultimate Infinity U-40000 AEG Motor
AOE corrected
As said still very much researching this (hence the post) so any comments or recommendations would be very much appreciated indeed!
PS: Just to add, this is a pending project! I have an AEG that I'm very happy with at present and I also have a combat machines M4 as a backup as well so looking to take my time with this and taylor it to my needs. Money wise, hmm not really an issue to be honest as long as I can build something special.
Thanks in advance for any help guy's 

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I'd have second thoughts over the motor choice. Paid the £70 or so for the high torque Infinity and to put it bluntly it was appalling considering the cost. RPS and trigger response was near as damn it the same as my £25 JG Red high torque. For 400fps plus builds it may have the edge over the JG but for normal sub 350fps aegs it's just a waste of cash.

Also i'd be looking at the Wide bore barrels over a Tight bore. TMs have used the 6.05-6.08 barrels for a long time and their stock range has always been legendary. Similar results have also been achieved with the TK Twist barrel which also is a 6.08. Orga barrels (6.23?) seem to be all the rage at the moment on PTWs when the guns originally had 6.01/6.0 barrels. Only downside I see with this is the need for bigger spring to get the desired fps which means motor and gear choice (high torques over high speed) will need some consideration

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Where's that from? It's a pretty awful build list. The G&P M120 isn't even an upgrade motor, there are much better options for trigger response and rate of fire that cost just as much. Prometheus gearbox parts cost a lot without being better than cheaper brands like ZCI or SHS. Same goes for guarder (other than the tappet). Systema low resistance wiring is literally throwing money away, all "low-resistance wiring" from airsoft manufacturers is just a marketing trick (want low resistance wiring? Go buy 16AWG wiring from a hardware store). Ceramic bearings are generally preferable to steel ones and there doesn't seem to be a budget on this build, so Modify or Kanzen would've been better. The supercore piston is another example of a total waste of money, you'd be much better off with a SHS blue or something. For maximum accuracy the gun would be r-hopped, but it isn't. 



Check out this site if you haven't already, it's got lots of guides on standard modifications: http://airsofttutorials.com/

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