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  1. Most likely didn't understand the true purpose of those cuts.. probably assumed it was nothing more than styling
  2. lousy choice in names as in all the Films be it the bay ones or the good one, neither the Autobots or Decepticons could hit the broadside of Unicron
  3. either way it's good news for the 2 weeks of UK Summertime.
  4. Was the internal tank empty prior to the test?
  5. Gen 1 has an exaggerated curve to them. Gen 2 are closer to the real ones
  6. LordElpus

    WE P226 R

    The Pre E1 version of KJW's P226 had the same issue.
  7. To gain what exactly? I suspect you will be waiting a while as there isn't anything major wrong with the Mp5 to need a update.
  8. Not sure how the Wells will fare with Lipo's but i know of 2 TM Mac 10s that shredded their pinion gears within 3k shots of Lipo conversion (one was new both had stock gearbox's plus pinion-spur mesh was fine)
  9. can't say it's much of a "longterm review" as there is bugger all WE left in the gearbox. As to Modify gearsets, never had any issues with the Smooth sets I have.
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