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Vietnam / Seal kit (AV965 - Float coat - ERDL jacket etc)


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No longer have any of my Vietnam era weapons sadly, so I'm looking to clear out some of my period kit but not really quite sure of the value.




First is a genuine early period set of AV965 webbing (belt/suspenders) fitted with:


x2 M56 ammo pouches

x3 Canteen pouches (not vietnam period but later, still look the part)

M56 buttpack

Period OD Claymore satchel 


Set includes an SOF replica M16 M7 Bayonet with M8 Scabbard.




Condition is obviously well used but good with no obvious signs of damage.




Next up is what I'm led to believe quite a rare find. An in-country made SEAL Float coat in non-ripstop ERDL, this was bought by a friend of mine on his holidays in Vietnam and brought back over for me.


Its seen use and has various little repairs here and there. Its also been modified at some point, with the angle of front pockets being altered. It has 5 double m16 (short mag) pouches in total, and two deep rear pockets. Inside it has pockets to accommodate a flotation device with a padded section to cover the valve.






The colours are good, although the back panel looks to be to be earlier and lighter overall.




Lastly a 1969 Poplin ERDL ripstop jacket in the harder to find medium long size.


Its issued but in good condition, its got a small rip on right breast pocket and a repaired rip on the collar. Pattern colours are good for the age.      





I also have replica seal inflatable life preserver (king arms) long discontinued, its never been used and inflated once to ensure it was free of holes. No pictures yet but will take some when I get the chance.

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