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  1. Invest in a monopod, that way you can still get sharp images when dropping the shutterspeed rather than cranking up the ISO. Plus monopods are pretty compact and easy to carry. Also opening to the widest aperture doesn't always provides the greatest results, and often cheaper lens will give soft edges on whats in focus rather than a nice crisp image.
  2. Anyone on here big into their 90's Delta gear ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bando


      im all about the chocchip and NVG parkas

    3. -Drake-


      u_u ugh, just pulled a rare Delta/CAG safariland 1911 longslide holster out of the back of the cupboard. Wanted to give any interested folks on here first shout before I whack it up on the bay of the eees.

    4. Bando


      sweet find pity i dont run any 1911


  3. Movember has arrived, beginning operation hipster beard.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skarclaw


      lets face it start of the month "hipster beard" end of the month: nonce

    3. aznriptide859


      Unfortunately, due to my inferior Asian hair-growing genes, the furthest I'll get is Hong Kong movie villain.

    4. -Drake-


      Ha I'm currently working a curly mustache, need a full bushy beard for the complete dapper hipster look.

  4. "Hi my names WolfGeorge, I have ALL of the gold things." =I
  5. Seems KA have FINALLY released their VSS mid-caps and short mags.... Cool it only took a year.

  6. BEGIN "operation fund a new car" D=

    1. hitmanNo2


      I hear there are some good deals on VW diesels :D

    2. -Drake-


      lol wouldn't count on it, people are too busy not caring =p

  7. The mythical land of Arnies Classifieds.... Many seek its bountiful riches, but few can afford them....
  8. Very impressive work. I really wish someone would make a proper micro tavor aeg or gbbr. Except Ares, because working on their Tar21 after it inevitably broke made me want to kill myself.
  9. *Looks at Marushin's facebook page* hmm where have I seen that before....

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. renegadecow


      Their official website specifically denies any ties to Facebook accounts or any other content outside of itself.

    3. -Drake-


      Whats the link to their main site, cant seem to find on google =I

    4. renegadecow
  10. Not yet ! I would have by now but being a student means I'm poor, living pot noodle to pot noodle each week...
  11. Gah MRF everytime I see that, I keep thinking about how I want my own M4 cerakoted in a nice foilage green...
  12. Ha thats you peeps told. ......*shrugs*
  13. Pfft Faramon liked Car-15's before they were cool.
  14. Make me wood grips too ! ;_;
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