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Firesupport £3500 Prize Giveaway Jan 2016


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Firesupport £3500 Prize Giveaway Jan 2016.








Firesupport £3500 Prize Giveaway Jan 2016.


Main prize Systema PTW CK CQBR-MAX2 Ambi worth over £1000


Marui SOPMOD M4 reoil


Ares AW-338 CNC VERSION Black


ICS APE Black rifle


King Arms SIG556 Shorty Airsoft Gun AEG


ICS (Tan Metal) M4 R.I.S Airsoft Gun AEG


ICS (Metal) Digital Desert M4A1 Retractable Stock Airsoft Gun


ICS CXP-UK1 (TAN) transform4 airsoft gun AEG


ICS (Plastic) CQB Folding Stock Airsoft gun AEG




Firesupport upgrade voucher


Box excel .20 bbs (10 bags)


Guarder gas black 2L x 2


guarder gas 1L x 3


marui aeg mag


marui aeg mag


Marui Pistol mag


Marui Pistol mag


5 msm patches


5 msm patches


5 msm patches


5 msm patches


8 back issues of AI


Mil-Spec Monkey Nalgene 32oz Wide Water Bottle S-Squirrel Grey


Mil-Spec Monkey Camelbak .75L Water Bottle DTOM Charcoal


Guarder M2000 SubmachineGun/Gear Carrying Bag


Guarder M2000 SubmachineGun/Gear Carrying Bag


Guarder M2000 Pro Gun Bag 87x28x5cm


Black bear flash mag AK x 2


Black Bear Rampage Black mesh mask


Silverback G17 laser


Guarder .43 bb x 2 bags



32 prizes over 31 days


All internet orders qualify in the draw.


32 prizes. Total prize value £3500

Every day a winner is drawn from the qualifying orders that day.

At the end of the month all qualifying entries from the whole month then go into a final draw to win a PTW Challenge Kit and 3 mags


Entries open to all countries, . UK or World,


Gun prizes in UK can only go to members of insured airsoft sites or UKARA registered players, rest of Europe can win any prize


(additional postage will be needed from non UK mainland winners).


Prize winners and prizes announced on facebook every day.



AVAILABLE AT www.fire-support.co.uk

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