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  1. www.urbanassault.org.uk Urban Assault Mil SIM game - Sat 5th Feb - YOU MUST email us TO BOOK YOUR PLACE ### YOU MUST email us TO BOOK YOUR PLACE ### ### YOU MUST email us TO BOOK YOUR PLACE ### ** NEWS ** NEW Booking in procedure all players must email names to play at site name will be checked off on list to confirm booking ** NEWS ** For Milsim Events only Urban FPS limit for AEGs 345fps,Sniper fps limit - 400fps ground floor and 500fps from 1st floor) Standard mags and Midcaps for AEGs, no ammo limits, 2 long games 1 morning and 1 in the afternoon. +++ IMPORTANT +++ Y
  2. Hi please send me an email most we reply to the same day, others take a little longer buy you will always get a reply. To everyone else - many thanks for your feedback We work hard to keep our standards high and we appriciate the feedback thanks Frank www.fire-support.co.uk
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