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WTB: Looking for late series Socom Gear Timberwolf pistol (s)

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Looking for a couple of Socom Gear Timberwolf XTR or standard pistols. It is the later series with the shorter and rounded off "beaver tail" I am interested in.


The frames need to be in very good to excellent condition. Black and FDE frames are both needed. Paint quality on the slides were always an issue on these pistols (with exception of the FDE XTR which seemed to hold up well) so I can understand wear or paint chipping on the slides.


If you have any you want to move, let me know. I have 2 TM Five seveN pistols. completely stock and I never used green gas in them (just duster). The only addition I made was all steel outer barrels on each pistol. Each pistol has an extra magazine although there is a slight leak in one of them. I still have the original box for one of them.


The pistols are in really good shape.


If not interested in the TM's, send me a price you are looking for on the Timberwolf (s).



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