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    TM's: 1911A1, MEU, PX4 Storm, G17 (w/PGC slide), Five Seven (2), Detonics .45, Desert Warrior, Sig P226, Strike Warrior and G18c (parts only).. ASG's: P-09 (3).. KJW's: CZ-75 (2), SIG P229, MEU, Ruger Mk1, G23 (3) and 1911A1 (3).. WE's: P-38 (2-black and 1 silver) and Hi-Power (2)..VFC's: PPQ (4)..KWC/Cybergun: Colt Rail Gun (black frame and silver slide), EMG/SAI M&P 9 (tan)..APS: Combat Adaptive Pistol..Socom Gear/WE: Timberwolf (black) and Timberwolf XTR (FDE)..Marushin: Ruger Mk1 Assassins Model..KFC: G17 and G26 (2).."Special": HFC G18 slide group on a TM G26 Advance frame..

    Note: The TM Five Sevens are up for sale! Plus some spare magazines!
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  1. Wingman

    What's your backup?

    KJW KP-13 (C02). Have built 2 slides for it. A Guarder G17 (no trades) with a Ace 1 Arms RMR and Maple Leaf Hop-Up Unit and inner barrel. The Other slide is a APS slide with cuts like a "Salient" style, no trades and night sights. Probably the best grip I've ever used. Nice trigger, accuracy and with C02 it has acceptable range and power. I can use TM, WE and KJW (natrually) G17 magazines and all TM/Guarder G17 parts.
  2. Wingman

    TM Mk23 Rail

    Liking the Impulse Mk23 gear a lot! Thanks for the info. Rail adapter, RMR base plate and the muzzle adapter. Might be a go.
  3. Wingman

    TM Mk23 Rail

    Looks like Shapeways make several different types as well as some other parts for the Mk23. Prices dont look too bad. They are 3D printed out of sturdy materials. Prices seem reasonable and least they are relatively close (New York) so shipping isnt too bad. The one from Double Tap look interesting as well. Magazines arrived today. Gassed and loaded one up...Good Times (lol).
  4. Wingman

    TM Mk23 Rail

    Getting my TM Mk23's back into shooting condition with new magazines that should be able to handle Green Gas/Propane. Is there a picatinny rail module that can be put on these pistols which will allow me to use my M3 or TLR-1 lights?
  5. Wingman

    A Bad Month for My Pistol Collection

    Finally found some STTI magazines here in the US and ordered 3 of them. If they work as well as I've been told, I'll buy some more as you can never have too many magazines (lol). Unfortunate that manufacturers dont put as much effort into the non-blowback market. I have an ASG Styer M9 which is a very solid pistol that is very well built but doesnt come with a hop-up. Out to 50-60 feet it is fairly accurate but the power factor is quite high (puts dents into a cookie baking sheet at 70 feet with .25's). I've heard power factor is over 400 fps and I believe it. Trigger takes a good strong pull but is smooth and after awhile you get used to it. Capacity of 15-16 bb's is a limitation but I get huge number of shots from a single C02 cartridge. Give me a well built non-blowback , shooting at 325-350 with a hop-up, about the size of a G17 or even a USP with 25 round magazine and a decent trigger and I could be happy. There was a rumor that the new Umarex "G" models were going to include a NBB pistol but there has not been any mention of it since the last shot-show.
  6. Wingman

    A Bad Month for My Pistol Collection

    I do love my P09's. I think I may be worrying too much about the double-action issue. I've not heard any negatives yet. Still the single action of the 1911 is pretty easy to fix and parts abound. Thanks for the response.
  7. Been shooting quite a bit lately and in the process, I've run into some issues. 1.) My KJW CZ75's trigger group has finally given up and wont cycle the hammer. I've had this pistol so long that I can remember how many years old it is. Was always a nice performer and one of my favorites. Looks like total replacement time. 2,) My KJW Hi-Cappa magazine release will no longer retain the magazine while being fired. The mag release spring has always seemed weak to me so now I'm looking for a replacement that comes with a heavier spring (any sugguestions?). I'd also like to find something with a slightly shorter "button" as I've had several magazine releases while holstering. 3.) I've been built several G17 and G19 pistols over the last 2 years (most are complete Guarder builds) and they look and work pretty well. With the exception that I'm not getting a great many shots out of a gas filled magazine (using Green Gas and Propane). I'd go with C02, but I'm not sure the hammer group can take the pounding. I've read quite a bit about the hammer group in these pistols as not being satisfactory for this and I spent a lot on these builds to blow them up. 4.) All 3 magazines for my TM Mk23 have decided to leak badly and I'm searching for new magazines that can use Green Gas/Propane. Not much luck so far. 5.) The last of my two TM Five seveN's has finally given up. I never fired anything other than Duster through either of them! Kept the pistol and magazines lubed, but now the inner rails have started to come loose and all 6 magazine will not hold gas. So I'm looking to build or buy a new pistol that can take the pressure for constant C02 use, capacity for 20-30 BB's, a picatinny rail, locks open on the last shot and no longer than a 1911. I'm also thinking that I should stick with a 1911/Hi-Cappa single action design as they just seem to last longer. However, I would consider other really durable models. I considered the new Novritsch pistol but I'm not waiting til March for the batch to ship. My current go to pistols are: Cybergun Colt Rail Gun and Parkerized 1911A1 (not enough bb capacity), ASG CZ P09's (concerned about double action trigger), KJW P229 (this pistol is a tank but it doesnt have bb capacity or C02 capability, several VSG PPQ M2's (have the range and accuracy, but not the C02 ability or bb capacity) and my made up KJW framed 1911 with Guarder 4.3 OPS Tactical slide. Very accurate, very good range and hits pretty hard, but no rail, and is Green Gas only. Your suggestions will be appreciated.
  8. Wingman

    WE All new G series products

    These pistols look pretty good. Wont be available in the US though (and I'd buy one or two if they were). The shooters manual of arms blows though. Who inserts a loaded magazine into a pistol and then draws the slide back to load a round/BB with their finger on the trigger!? (lol)
  9. Wingman

    WE T65 Strength test..?

    Lets see Tokyo Marui perform that test!
  10. Wingman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Good Lord that is just plain awesome. Going to show that picture to my Wife and prove that I'm no where near the limit. Impressive, most impressive!
  11. Wingman

    New handgun

    My picks for pistols: 1.) KJW KP13 with Maple Leaf hop-up chamber and inner barrel for the TM G17. Has the range and accuracy. Compatible with all TM G17 parts (and Guarder) with the exception of the Magazine release which is all metal and a different design. Can use all TM, KJW and WE G17 green gas and C02 magazines. Terrific grip. 2.) Cyber Gun Colt 1911-A1 Rail Gun. Has the range and accuracy (I use .25's). CO2 magazines give very good power. Very dependable and very affordable. 3.) ASG Cz P07. When using C02 magazines, this pistol can also reach the range and accuracy your looking for. Very dependable and reasonably priced. Dont bother with green gas magazines unless you are playing inside CQB. 4.) TM Hk Mk23 non-blowback. It's big and bulky but there are up-grades available that make its already impressive range and accuracy almost amazing. You can have a problem using green gas in this pistols magazine, it cant handle the pressure very long before the seals go (especially in high temps). 5.) Cyber Gun Jericho 941 Baby Eagle non-blowback. Full sized magazine hold BB's and C02 capsule. Very plastic (like a springer) and very light (most of the weight is in the magazine. Then again the TM Mk23 is not exactly heavily built). This pistol has a fixed hop-up that is pretty effective and it is very very quiet. Trigger is unusually smooth for a non-blowback pistol and is ok for quick repeat shots. About $50.00 US Dollars. 6.) TM G18c AEP. Wish I still had mine. It can certainly reach out there. The only issue is the 220-230 FPS. There are apparently up-grades for this, but I've only seen it on Youtube and it seemed like a lot of work. *Note: Each of these pistols can hit a gallon plastic milk container at 90 feet! Honorable mention: 1.) ASG Styer M9A1 C02 non-blowback. As it has no hop-up, it is really only effective inside of 70 feet with .25's. However, it is one of the most heavily built non-blowbacks I've ever owned. The trigger is a long, hard but smooth pull. It uses metal stick magazines, much like the TM G18c AEP, however these are far easier to load. The C02 is contained in the grip and is super easy to change C02 12 grams. When I felt like counting, I managed over 70 shots (thats when I stopped counting..the pistol kept going for awhile longer). Inside of that 70 feet it is quite good and has a very comfortable grip. Just for laughs, I added a red dot sight and SIG 552 Flash Hider. As the only parts that move are the internals, you can hang all sorts of stuff on these things without any effect on the pistols operation or efficiency.
  12. Wingman

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    They both look great. Especially liking the G19. Nicely done.
  13. Wingman

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    While I am happy to see WE doing this, it is sad the SIG quality has fallen to such a low level of quality control. I had a P225, P220 (with old style mag release) and P226 many years ago and they were high quality firearms and I shot them well (especially the P225). Thanks for the info on the warranty on the FNS 9 as that just put it in the top spot for my next purchase.
  14. Wingman

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    The WE pistols sold over here are devoid of all trades. Was looking for a P228, guess WE is it.
  15. Wingman

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    Probably the reason why you cant find any P226, 228 or 229's unless they are WE..even the ASG and KJW models have been out of stock over here for months. Icolator, you can check out the Military Arms Channel on Youtube for details of the Sig P365..there are two parts and its pretty un-nerving.

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