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    TM's: 1911A1, MEU, PX4 Storm, G17 (w/PGC slide), Five Seven (2), Detonics .45, Desert Warrior, Sig P226, Strike Warrior and G18c (parts only).. ASG's: P-09 (3).. KJW's: CZ-75 (2), SIG P229, MEU, Ruger Mk1, G23 (3) and 1911A1 (3).. WE's: P-38 (2-black and 1 silver) and Hi-Power (2)..VFC's: PPQ (4)..KWC/Cybergun: Colt Rail Gun (black frame and silver slide), EMG/SAI M&P 9 (tan)..APS: Combat Adaptive Pistol..Socom Gear/WE: Timberwolf (black) and Timberwolf XTR (FDE)..Marushin: Ruger Mk1 Assassins Model..KFC: G17 and G26 (2).."Special": HFC G18 slide group on a TM G26 Advance frame..

    Note: The TM Five Sevens are up for sale! Plus some spare magazines!
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  1. Thanks, I will check it out.
  2. Wingman

    CZ Picture Thread

    Dont you know it (lol)
  3. Wingman

    SRC Maverick GBB pistol

    I kind of like it..Hope it holds up better than the two TM Five seveN pistols I bought and didnt last a full year shooting duster. Depending on the price, I'll probably give it a go.
  4. Wingman

    What Would You Buy Right Now [AEG, PISTOL COMBO]

    BigAl is kind of right. However, I feel your pain (lol). My airsoft collection is fairly large and I do add to it often (probably too often). I have pretty much settled down to the following: Handguns: RWA 1911 Knighthawk Custom CO2 (totally stock), Echo 1 Timberwolf Extreme (with Maple Leaf hop-up chamber and inner barrel, real steel Lone Wolf magwell, Tritium sights and Enforce weapon light) and lately an Elite Force H8R Gen 2 CO2 Revolver (uses 10 shot "full moon clips"), Micro Red Dot sight and TLR 1 weapon light..best skirmish revolver out there..$69.00!). Rifle/Sub Gun: TM Sig 552 (totally stock), Echo 1 MP5k (totally stock) and Echo 1 MP5 (totally stock). Shotgun: Any of a number of springer tri-shot shotguns (relatively in-expensive and there are several good ones out there). In looking over your list, you already have a really nice selection to choose from. I would pick a 2 or 3 from each catagory, up-grade or add anything (for fun) and go with it. When I was heavily into real-steel IPSC and combat shooting competitions (where new toys were always being used), we had a saying: Fear the man who uses the same 1 handgun, 1 rifle and 1 shotgun all the time!
  5. With a large number of 1911's and "G Series" GBB pistols, I'm thinking of purchasing a "Russian/Soviet" classic as something different. I've been looking at the Tokarev TT-33 and Makarov and I'd like an opinion of which pistol and which brand would be the most satisfying in regards to shooting experience, dependability, durability, range, accuracy, fit and finish. Your sugguestions will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Wingman

    Who’s MP5is the nicest?

    I'm looking into one of these as well. I went to Las Vegas in May and took my sons to Battlefield Las Vegas where you can pretty much rent out shoot "anything" out there. I went with a MP5SD and Springfield Armory 1911-A1 (tactical model). I have never had so much fun shooting a suppressed weapon in my life. It is still one of the best out there. Just amazing. I too gave up my older MP5 and MP5k years ago and am going back (lol). By the way, if you ever get a chance to get to Las Vegas, I cannot recommend Battlefield Las Vegas enough. Its really a great experience. By the way, if you have a spare $2500.00, you can crush a car with a Chieftain Mk8 tank that was converted in Hollywood to look like a M1 Abrams.
  7. Have been looking for a G17 threaded barrel that will allow the use of a suppressor on my TM, KJW, WE and Guarder pistols as nothing I have will not allow the suppressor to clear the spring guide rod when cycling. My only other choice would be another light weight suppressor that has a barrel extension that clears the guide rod. I would be grateful for any sugguestions along that line as well. Thanks
  8. My son wants to build a custom TM Gold Match Hi-Capa and we are making a list of parts needed. Does anyone know if there is any difference between the Gold Match and the standard TM Hi-Capa blowback unit? I ask as the blow back unit in my TM M45-A1 is a different design from their usual 1911 blowback units. Thank you
  9. Wingman

    What's your backup?

    Was looking for something more compact than my TM Mk23 (which I love). So I took one of my ASG Steyr M9-A1 NBB pistols, cut two coils off the spring to get it to shoot 350-370 FPS (shoots 400+ stock) , glued into the slide a WE threaded barrel adapter and applied a 10 inch foam filled suppressor that I got many years ago (has clockwise thread on one end and counter clockwise on the other). Never very accurate past 50-60 feet, it now throws .20's out to nearly 100 feet and I'm hitting a cookie baking pan on a regular basis. It's also super quiet (maybe more quiet than the Mk23). Only a 15 shot stick magazine but I get a ton of shots from a C02 bulb. I like those Rugers! My Assassins Mk1 has finally started having issues. Working on doing the same work on my H8R revolver..since there is no cylinder/barrel gap, it could be quite successful.
  10. What about Patreon? A lot of firearm sites are showing up there now.
  11. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts..House Docket No. 2938..filed: 1/17/2019..An Act Relative to Imitation Firearms.. House Bill # H2040... Basically they are changing the original wording of a law passed several years back (2014) by striking the wording current definition of a "imitation firearm" and adding all the new specific rules and as to what wont be allowed. While I may not "initially lose" what I have, I cannot buy more, unless marked as I initially stated. Anything I currently own will not be allowed in public view (which they are saying can be my own back yard which is surrounded by woods. Wont be able to use my airsoft on my range, but I could use a hunting crossbow..makes sense doesnt it? The most disturbing thing about this is that they were trying to pass the change in regulations without notifying the public of the referendum vote. This is why I cant stand this state anymore. Its the sneaky, back stabbing moves that have become more common place. You cant get all the specific info on whats going to happen because no one is giving out detailed info. There appears to be 2 state senators that are behind this.
  12. Started packing my gear up just in case this goes through. Apparently there is the chance that any Airsoft Pistol or rifle in the color of Black, Grey or Silver, made of metal, plastic or wood, will be banned in Massachusetts. All those other "good" colors will be required to have a 1 inch in diameter, non-removable orange muzzle and a 1 inch non-removable orange stripe that goes the length of the firearm. Some paintball guns may be involved as well. BB guns, while not mentioned directly, are probably next. The only replicas allowed will be those used by TV and Movie productions and must provide proof of their use for just that purpose. Failure to comply will mean confiscation of the airsoft pistol or rifle and the arrest of the person (s) in possession of the airsoft pistol or rifle. Possession here means that even if its not yours and you didnt even know it was there, but you were in the home property or in the vehicle, you are in possession! This will effectively end all Airsoft in Massachusetts and most likely paintball as the pistol or rifle has to just "appear to look like" a firearm. NERF doesnt seem to be included at this time. Thankfully, I am not too far away from the borders of 3 other states and have friends willing to store my gear. As we were planning on getting out of this "hell hole" in 2 or 3 years (retiring and the kids will be gone), I own other property where this will not be a issue. I guess I should be considered one of the lucky ones. The question now is if you are traveling from one state to another and have to go through Massachusetts to play airsoft, can you be considered as in possession of an illegal airsoft Pistol or Rifle and arrested!? Pray for us, as once something like this starts its hard to stop it from going on and on and on....
  13. Wingman

    FN Picture Thread

    Has TM fixed any of the issues that caused problems with them when they first came out? The slide rails on both of mine broke away from the frames. I had to reinforce the hop-up chambers with tape when the inner barrel started to twist in the hop-up chambers, my slide release wouldnt hold the slide open after I removed the empty magazine to add a full one and my magazines started leaking so I retired them both of mine. I only shot them with duster as well! It was a shame as I really liked those Five sevenN pistols. They lasted about a year.
  14. Wingman

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    2 guarder G17 trigers w/red trigger safety for TM & KJW G series. 1 HFC G17 metal barrel (after 15+ years of use and thousands of shots, one finally broke) 2 WE G17 GBB magazines. 1 APS/5KU Strike face w/rail forTM G17. 3 5KU Compensators for TM 1911's. 1 Echo 1 Wolfsbane 1911. (Was originally going to get the the EMG "John Wick/Tarran Tachtical Combat Master" but heard of too many quality control issues and the Wolfsbane looks nice and has some interesting features. Evike has a fun/detailed video on it) 1 Epic Panda "Tank Panda" rubber hook and loop morale patch.
  15. Wingman

    WE G series MOS full house

    Thanks for the info. I've never used them before but will have to keep track of them now as they have a significant WE collection. Checking my card balance as they have some super Walther P-38's available (checks available balance on credit card..) and feel the need to add some to what I have now.

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