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    TM's: 1911A1, MEU, PX4 Storm, G17 (w/PGC slide), Five Seven (2), Detonics .45, Desert Warrior, Sig P226, Strike Warrior and G18c (parts only).. ASG's: P-09 (3).. KJW's: CZ-75 (2), SIG P229, MEU, Ruger Mk1, G23 (3) and 1911A1 (3).. WE's: P-38 (2-black and 1 silver) and Hi-Power (2)..VFC's: PPQ (4)..KWC/Cybergun: Colt Rail Gun (black frame and silver slide), EMG/SAI M&P 9 (tan)..APS: Combat Adaptive Pistol..Socom Gear/WE: Timberwolf (black) and Timberwolf XTR (FDE)..Marushin: Ruger Mk1 Assassins Model..KFC: G17 and G26 (2).."Special": HFC G18 slide group on a TM G26 Advance frame..

    Note: The TM Five Sevens are up for sale! Plus some spare magazines!
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  1. Wingman

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    That is a well rounded selection. I'd add a shotgun. Even a good springer can come in handy. I have a couple that I really enjoy using as a primary every now and then for a change and make a decent back-up should your AEG for the day goes down.
  2. Wingman

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    Whats in your armory at present?
  3. Wingman

    Hello, I'm new here

    Welcome to the site. While not from your area (I'm from the USA), I have been on Arnies for a long time. Lots of talented members here with loads of knowledge. Enjoy
  4. Wingman

    WE All new G series products

    Just broke out one of my PPQ's and both levers do go up when the slide locks back on a empty magazine.
  5. Wingman

    Your Favorite C02 Handguns

    If those are MK1's, I dont believe the C02 magazines for the newer version will work. I have the old "asassin" version and a later version of the MK1 and they are fun.
  6. Wingman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Very nice Wood. Hows it shooting and how do you like the light?
  7. Wingman

    Your Favorite C02 Handguns

    Funny thing is, I've been told several times that they are and that they fall apart and you cant get parts (not necessarily true as I see part kits for sale all the time). Then I will watch as their "wonder pistol" gives up the ghost or, out of a full magazine of gas, they cant manage to unload a full load of BB's. KWC/Cybergun 1911's are certainly not "perfect" by any means, but my years of experience with them tells a totally different story. Same thing happened when I would field a HFC G17 during bad weather in the old days. Even though I would be told how inferior they were, they just kept on working. I have 2 of their G17's and 2 G26's and they have to be 15+ years old and they are still working today. Only thing I've replaced are some sights. Wish I could get a couple more.
  8. Wingman

    Your Favorite C02 Handguns

    Try the C02 magazines for the KJW KP13. They are pretty good. I use them in my Timberwolf pistols.
  9. Favorites: KWC/Cybergun Colt Rail Gun, Nighthawk Covert OPS and Colt 1911A1 Parkerized Have had them for some time now. Always work and after thousands of shots, I've had no parts breakage or failure to fire. Range, accuracy and power have always been quite good. My only issues are that the triggers are kind of mushy (but the re-set is pretty good) and the fact that there are some cosmetic issues, such as lack of lowered ejection port on the Colt Rail Gun and the Covert OPS. On a positive note, they appear to be the only 1911's that come with ambi-safeties that the levers on the right side dont wiggle around! How did they manage that and TM and KJW/ASG have not figured that out yet? Honorable Mentions: KJW KP13. Basically their G Series pistol with a much better grip and the ability to use many TM and Guarder etc, G series parts (magazine release is a different design and also metal). Finally the old Timberwolf. One of the biggest mistakes made by Echo 1 was dropping this pistol (naturally the EMG BLU is using a variant of it). I have 2 and both are using C02 on a regular basis. The parts compatability with TM and Guarder, etc is excellent and allows a lot of customization. What I wish someone would make: C02 magazines that would work in the TM Mk23.
  10. Wingman

    The Handgun Light Thread

    That is pretty much what I'm looking for..thanks for reporting on it.
  11. Wingman

    Replica Surefire X300 flash light

    The Inforce does look good on a Glock.
  12. Wingman

    Glock Picture Thread

    How good are these Umarex Glocks compared to TM, WE or Guarder Builds? I've heard of frames cracking at the pin holes and terrible finish (paint doesnt hold up to serious use).
  13. Wingman

    WE Hudson H9

    To bad. Went the way of the Bren Ten. Was kind of looking forward to this...as I was the Bren Ten.
  14. Wingman

    Looking for G19 RMR sight mount

    Thanks..just might try this as price is right and I can attempt to modify the part of the rear sight post that goes into the slide and gets locked in with the sight screw.
  15. Looking for a RMR Sight mount that has a raised rear sight and separate raised front sight that I can install on a Guarder G19 aluminum slide. I attempted the installation of a Ace Arms unit that I have on my Guarder G17 (has raised front and rear sights on the mount) but it wont fit the G19 without modifications that would not allow its use on the G17 later. Thanks

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