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    TM's: 1911A1, MEU, PX4 Storm, G17 (w/PGC slide), Five Seven (2), Detonics .45, Desert Warrior, Sig P226, Strike Warrior and G18c (parts only).. ASG's: P-09 (3).. KJW's: CZ-75 (2), SIG P229, MEU, Ruger Mk1, G23 (3) and 1911A1 (3).. WE's: P-38 (2-black and 1 silver) and Hi-Power (2)..VFC's: PPQ (4)..KWC/Cybergun: Colt Rail Gun (black frame and silver slide), EMG/SAI M&P 9 (tan)..APS: Combat Adaptive Pistol..Socom Gear/WE: Timberwolf (black) and Timberwolf XTR (FDE)..Marushin: Ruger Mk1 Assassins Model..KFC: G17 and G26 (2).."Special": HFC G18 slide group on a TM G26 Advance frame..

    Note: The TM Five Sevens are up for sale! Plus some spare magazines!
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  1. Wingman

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Plastic and C02 dont mix well at all. I've heard tell of several who have tried with the slides splitting after just a few shots. I'm also not sure how the nozzle would hold up to pressure as well (remember, it is the same nozzle set up that is used in the G26). I would get a Guarder aluminium G19 slide and barrel (stay away from the steel as it is way to heavy) and use G17 magazines when your looking for a good number of shots at any one time. I would also try changing the hop-up rubber in your pistol. Its an easy and not too expensive fix that can do wonders.
  2. Wingman

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Are you running the KJW inner barrel and hop-up chamber and rubber?
  3. Wingman

    WE Hudson H9

    Evike just announced "May 2019" delivery (we shall see)..$180.00 (US).
  4. Wingman

    John Wick 3 pistol is announced

    What if ASG got KJW to do the build? Personally, I have had good luck with ASG products. The only pistols I wore out were a CZ75 and a P09. Both had thousands upon thousands of shots thru them and even more dry fire trigger pulls (dont do that anymore). Still have another P09 going strong, but I've gone back to the 1911 and G series "single action" style as I have found them a bit more durable and easier to repair. Guess this means a new Hi-Cappa is in my future.
  5. The Hi-Cappa world can now be "validated" (lol).. It appears that John Wicks pistol of choice in episode #3 is the Taran Tactical STI 2011 Combat Master in 9mm. This is according to TFB (The Firearm Blog). Not a bad looking pistol and now the race begins as to who brings one out first.
  6. Me thinks this belongs in "UK Sales" section which is down below in the forum list.
  7. Wingman

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    The TM is the most popular and prevalent version of the G series. So many of them out there and so many other brands copy the TM system. I have upgraded a few TM and KJW G17 anf G19/23 pistols over the past couple of years using Guarder parts. Seems I'm always rebuilding something. Depending on the price, I can see myself buying a couple of these and running aluminium slides (steel didnt work great for me-too heavy-big performance drop). Note the "trade" on the grip though. Thats not Glock. Likely Guarder.
  8. Wingman

    1911 Picture Thread

    I'll have to check it out. I've always loved the look.
  9. Wingman

    1911 Picture Thread

    Ok, I found the hole where the screw is supposed to be. But, naturally no screw and the hole is not threaded. However, I checked the Colt Rail Gun slides and they also have the hole but no screw. It appears KWC are now driving a pin from the inside of the slide up into into the sight post through a second hole and it a real tight press fit or glued. Who can figure. Decided to lock tite it down and see if it will hold. Now here is where the KJW system of a screw from the outside top of the sight going into the slide is the better deal. Re-assembled the pistol in the new "new" two tone format and it does look pretty sharp. I have to agree that these KWC's are pretty good, my KJW MEU is a bit better, but only after a boat load of upgraded parts. Thanks for the assist..again!
  10. Wingman

    1911 Picture Thread

    And to think I got a whole bunch of new Dremel stuff this Christmas. That KWC Tactical is really sharp. I have the Colt Rail Gun in all "stainless" and just got the RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops with the thought of making a Two Tone with Black slide and silver Rail Gun frame. Only issue is the front sight is a bit loose on the Nighthawk and I've not been able to figure out how to remove it and replace it or tighten it.
  11. Wingman

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I started here in 2004 and learned quite a bit from you folks. I still check it out a couple of times a week. Has always been a good crew here and very civil. Hope to see a return of some of our missing "long time" members and any new builds.
  12. Wingman

    1911 Picture Thread

    How hard was it to modify the grip panels for the C02 magazines?
  13. Wingman

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Some nice stuff there. Word of warning on the Magpul G19 Magazine Well. I have installed two on my Guarder G19 builds and they do fit well (tight fit). However, some magazine baseplates (The Guarder G19 Magazine with full trades is a good example) are just a tad too wide and require a forceful insertion in order to properly seat the magazine into the pistol. You will also have a issue using G17 magazines (like TM) due to that small nub on the back of the magazine. Remove the nub and your good to go. Check out Recover Tactical for some of their Glock, 1911, M9 and soon Hi-Power products (I believe the owner of the company is the designer of the Tavor rifle. I just bought their rail adapter for the G17/19 that turns the Glock rail into a 20mm rail and their Glock Charging Handle (wont work on the Guarder G19 due to the tight fit of the slide to frame fit, but is fine when using TM, KJW and WE frames w/Guarder and standard slides). Prices are very reasonable and installation is super easy and doesnt require modification of the pistol. Their 1911 grip/rail adapter worked great on my TM MEU pistol after just a slight modification to the part.
  14. Wingman

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    Recover Tactical is bringing out a grip/frame adapter that puts a picatinny rail on the Hi-Power by just replacing the grips. Requires no tools and adds nothing to the width of the pistol. Looks pretty good and they make a retention holster for it that allows the use of your light or laser or you can use the Omnivore Holster. Will be out in April. Price for the grips are $49.95 and the holster is $49.95. Just bought grips and holster to try out on my TM MEU. They also make them for the M9, a picatinny rail for first series Glocks (like the G26!) and some others. There is also a Slide Charging adapter for Glocks that looks pretty effective as well.
  15. Wingman

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    TM, WE and KJW id stock are a no, as on the back of their magazines (where the fake cartridge count holes are) there is a very small rectangular block, about half way down, that rides into a slot in the inside of the pistol magazine well of their G17 and G18 pistols. You can take a file and easily remove it and you are good to go. I also have HFC G17 magazines (which are surprisingly good magazines by the way), which dont have that little block, and they fit just fine. When I get a chance, I will grab all my different mags and pistols to check for sure. Give me a day or two.

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