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    TM's: 1911A1, MEU, Colt M45A1, PX4 Storm, G17 (w/PGC slide), Five Seven (2), Detonics .45, Desert Warrior, Sig P226, Strike Warrior and G18c (parts only).. ASG's: P-09 (3).. KJW's: CZ-75 (2), SIG P229, MEU, Ruger Mk1, G23 (3) and 1911A1 (3).. WE's: P-38 (2-black and 1 silver) and Hi-Power (2)..VFC's: PPQ (4)..KWC/Cybergun: Colt Rail Gun (black frame and silver slide), Colt Rail Gun (all silver), 1911A1 Parkerized.. EMG/SAI M&P 9 (tan)..APS: Combat Adaptive Pistol..Socom Gear/WE: Timberwolf (black) and Timberwolf XTR (FDE), Sig P226 E2, ISSC M22..Marushin: Ruger Mk1 Assassin Model..KFC: G17 and G26 (2).."Special": HFC G18 slide group on a TM G26 Advance frame..Total Guarder Build G19.. Elite Force H8R (4)
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  1. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Thats great news. Have you thought about getting the chromed version for your next one? I was always a big fan of the 2 toned Hi-Power look. I'd also like to know if thats a "brushed" or gloss chrome finish and you could help me out with that. I prefer brushed (lol). I am getting anxious about getting mine now.
  2. Wingman

    Threaded inner barrels

    P-38, ISSC M22 and I believe the Makarov do. At least on my P-38's and ISSC M22.
  3. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    It's going to look sweet. I'm on hold with ordering mine as I have not gotten over my present "love affair" with the Action Army AAP-01 and just ordered more stuff for them. Keep us up to date with how its working out for you.
  4. I was checking out the Arnies Supporters sites listed on the main page and it came up as Domain Seized by US Treasury Dept. I then went to their website itself and there is no such warning. Has anyone else noticed this and/or knows about this?
  5. Wingman

    Threaded inner barrels

    Yes, this has always been a nice feature of the WE pistols. The suppressor on the Mk III should be a good look.
  6. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    ouch..but they still did a outstanding job and they will be used again!
  7. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Airsoft World Ltd in England was just terrific. I had ordered 2 AAP-01's from a supplier in the USA. However, they didnt have any of the up-grades. Just by chance I found the Airsoft World site and they seemed to have a "boat load" of what I was looking for. I placed the order and it was delivered overseas, in I believe, less than 10 days and arrived in before the pistols! I just checked there site a moment ago and they have some new goodies for these pistols that I might have to consider. I'll have get back to you on the Canadian outfit.
  8. I'm thinking of getting a bag of 4 or 5 of these suggestions you shooters have given me and then blast away for a weekend or two and see how they shape up. I think I found another 20 feet of range by shooting out of the bathroom window. It also solves "other issues" that I might have to deal with as this is going to take awhile and I like my coffee. Wife is really thrilled. I told her its a science thing. She's not buying it but she loves me. Overall, I think I will have about 130-140 feet of open ground now.
  9. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    If you can, let us know when they verify processing and shipment. I've not had overly wonderful luck with overseas purchases over the last 2 months. Although I found a wonderful site in England that shipped some gear to me super quick and a Canadian firm that also came through for me.
  10. Wingman

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    Folding Stock arrived and installed in less than 10 minutes. Some things to remember during and after the installation: (naturally there are no instructions) 1.) The screw that comes holding the upper rail on the folding stock is longer than the screws that hold the original fiber optic sight to the pistol. Do not mix them up as, if the longer screw is used when you secure the stock to the pistol,(where the original fiber optic rear sight was), you will in fact lock the bolt closed and possibly damage the bolt should you try cocking the pistol. 2.) With the stock attached, you no longer have the ability to "break open" the pistol. You must remove the upper rail piece in order to do that. Not overly convenient, but not a game changer. 3.) Wonder of wonders, if you keep the standard outer barrel w/rail on the pistol or replace it with the "short threaded barrel adapter" and apply a suppressor or tracer unit that is no longer than the original outer barrel, the pistol with the stock attached, fits perfectly in the UM84 holster (with the holster cover flap removed) nice and tight. It is easy to insert and remove the pistol as the folded stock appears to provide enough friction to keep the pistol totally secure. There is no movement of the pistol when in the holster. Even when forcibly shaken while upside down. Makes it a good choice for a sniper secondary. 4.) Installed a Micro-Red Dot on the stocks short rail. I'm working on a way to install some secondary fixed sights that will still allow the use of the holster. 5.) The stock itself appears to be a very solid piece of gear. It is quick to get into action and then collapse for re-holstering. Extending and collapsing the length of the stock is also easy and secure. 6.) With the stock attached you will lose access to the slide release on the right side of the pistol. Again, not a game changer. Hope this has been helpful.
  11. Now that I finally have the rifle set up as I like, the only thing I need now is a quality 2 Point Sling. Being a padded variety would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  12. Whats the scoop regarding Novritsch BB's?
  13. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Thats great news. Just checked website and it says "in stock" for both the silver and black models..interesting that they show the hop-up as "fixed", but I dont care at this point.
  14. Wingman

    gbb pistol question

    You should be fine.
  15. Wingman

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    Have put over 500 BB's through one of my AAP-01 pistols and it is still running like a champ with no issues to speak of. The Folding Stock is to arrive next week and then I think I'm pretty much done with the add on options. However, I have also added a Inforce Wild 2 light. I did find that the pistol, with lower rail attached (but nothing on the rail) fits very nicely in a Galco A18 leather and lined holster that I used for many years when I was carrying my G17 real steel pistol (now using a kydex). Does not work with the upper rail attached. The open end of the holster allows the longer barrel to protrude but still holds the pistol quite tightly. Not perfect, but it will do for now.

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