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  1. Looking at getting the AW Custom VX9 Optic Ready Pistol but have not heard much about it. It's a nice looking "Tier 1 G19 style pistol" but the few reviews on Youtube lack any real performance info (with the exception of one..maybe). Would like to find out if it is a worthy product as I have heard good and not so good reviews of AW.
  2. Wingman

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    How about a STEN like stock? I actually enjoy some of these conglomerations.
  3. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    I'm thinking one of each and making a two/tone that was kind of popular in IPSC 30+ years ago.
  4. Wingman

    T4E HDR 50..What fun!

    I'll have to find it over here as my last 3 orders from England and Germany never made it ("lost"). Looks nice though.
  5. Wingman

    T4E HDR 50..What fun!

    I went a little Sci-Fi with mine. I added a micro red-dot sight and added a riser to the lower barrel rail (about 1/4 inch) and this allows me to bring my TLR light light back towards the trigger guard a bit and now I can activate the light with my trigger finger. I do have a mini shot shell launcher, buts not that easy to activate quickly. Getting between 27-30 good shots from each C02 bulb. Trigger is not too bad once you get used to the 2 stage action. For a "smooth-bore" its pretty accurate. At 30 feet, those rubber balls plow thru over 3/4 inch of cardboard. First Strike Paintball rounds work pretty sweet. I might try four+ .25 bb's sandwiched between 2 pieces of thin card board just for laughs. These HDR 50 and the H8R revolvers are just super pieces of very affordable gear. And they're revolvers!
  6. Wingman

    T4E HDR 50..What fun!

    So, I bought one of these T4E HDR 50 revolvers a few months ago as I'm also into paintball and I wanted to know if they are any good and as fun to use as the H8R Gen 2 airsoft revolver of which I am a huge fan. They are. I also found out about the .50 cal Hard Rubber Pellets along with other munitions that can be used in this revolver and bought about 500 " rubber rounds". While I've used paintballs and First Strike paint munitions in this revolver with very good results, these rubber rounds are much different and could never be used for airsoft. They too big, too heavy, smack hard and the range, while good, is nothing that a normal airsoft pistol or revolver is capable of. Obviously, this cant be used in airsoft as is. However, I was wondering about making a airsoft bb load that would turn it into a "mini shotgun revolver" or "mini grenade launcher". Any thoughts or ideas?
  7. Does anyone know the process for installing the "Action Army Hop-up Adjustment Wheel" on this rifle. As usual you get a nicely made part but zero instructions on how to install it. I've not found any video on it either. The only video I can find is the Bespoke video on how to replace the entire hop-up unit with a totally different product. Thanks for the assist
  8. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Tinnitus works for me
  9. Wingman

    Glock Picture Thread

    I like it. I'd buy one. Put a thread adapter on it and find a light weight surpressor and I'd be good to go. After nearly two months of "stay at home" I've spent my time repairing my TM PX4 (it works fine now), Sci-Fi ing out a H8R revolver (looks funky and shoots great) and took a WE ISSC M22 and threw on a Ace1Arms Red Dot sight and mount for a TM G Series (perfect fit), Guarder G17 front sight, Nightstick weapon light (the only one that includes a mounting plate that actually fits that rail), a threaded barrel adapter and use WE "light-weight" G17 magazines. Wonder of wonders, it shoots really really well. Cleaned barrels and lubed about 80% of my collection (and found stuff I didnt remember I had). My wife was thrilled
  10. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Thats my plan if these ever get over to us.
  11. I will look into that as well. This rifle is a "Gen 5". Do you think I will still have the trigger issue?
  12. Put the order in. The Amoeba Striker AS02 is nowhere to be seen in the USA apparently. So I got the following: 1.) Amoeba AS01 Rifle OD Green 2.) Amoeba Striker AS01 barrel Fluted/Short (so I at least get the "Scout Rifle" length I was going for) 3.) 3 Amoeba AS01 spare magazines (black) 4.) Action Army Striker AS01 Hop-Up Adjustment Wheel 5.) Action Army Striker AS01 Threaded Muzzle Adapter 6.) Amoeba AS01 M-Loc Hand Guard OD Green 6.) NcStar Illuminated Recticle 3-9X40 Scope w/rings Amazingly, I found just one store that had it all in stock. They also had "supposed" 5-7 day shipping. This we will see. About $100.00 more than I was looking to spend. But, until I get some time with it, I dont want to go much further at this time. Keep your fingers crossed. And another shout out to: gisburn20 (aka: Jim). Your informative response "sealed the deal". Thank you My Friend! **Note: I still wouldnt mind hearing from others who "have or had" any experience with this rifle.
  13. Wingman

    Your favorite WE pistols

    My F226 arrived yesterday and I was not disappointed. Fit and finish are quite good and I already replaced the "Seal Team Six" grips with the TM P226 grip panels. No problems there. Would like to try shooting it today but we have a large storm system moving in with winds gusting to 50-60 mph. Not exactly the best conditions for shooting. Will give it a go tomorrow. My FDE Inforce light fits the rail perfectly. Came with a E2 style magazine.

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