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Question concerning the usage of PEQ with AUG

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Greetings. Thank you for opening this thread.


This is what I would need help with:

I am planning on buying a new airsoft gun this year, and I've been eyeing AUG A3 for a longer time now. One of my desired upgrades has always been, alongside other stuff, having an PEQ on my weapon, and that is fully compatible when applied to my other buying alternatives (those are either HK-416 or AK-74 with heavily upgraded design, I have these alternatives in case the main weapon I want goes out of stock). But I am not so sure when it comes to having a PEQ on AUG, since I have not seen anyone using it in that configuration before. I made the representation of what I would want my upper rail setup to look like, as you can see below, in the attached image.

I would like to ask you for your opinions and, if you have any, experiences with using using PEQs on AUGs. I would also appreciate your thoughts on the setup I have proposed below. Please, feel free to criticize and correct me, or my question.



I highly value all of your input. Have a nice day.

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Better choice of the title.

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@3vi1-D4n This is really helpful. 

I see, I was considering putting it on the canted rail as well. Ok, I will definitely think about doing it this way now.

Thank you for your answer. Do you have any other tips or suggestions ?


Have a good day. 

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Having used a number of Steyr AUGs, airsoft and real steel, my advice would be:


- Try keep the weight of the weapon down.  A 20" Steyr AUG A1 will load up to around 4.2kg, while a 16" will load up to around 3.8kg.  So having a lengthened RIS is dead weight and also affects your ability to field strip or to keep the rifle clean.

- AEG Steyrs have a number of disabling flaws, one of which is a long barrel supported by a pivot of the barrel trunion, and a plastic inside outer barrel.  Chopping the barrel down will minimise this issue of having the outer barrel flop or being banged around.

- The Steyr AUG 20" is a very balanced weapon, but not the most manouvreable.  Steyr AUG 16" is the best balance between accuracy and portability, though it is a little more rear heavy.  Highly recommend using the 16" in both the real steel and the airsoft.  I would often balance out the 16" foregrip with fishing lead hop glued into the foregrip.

-  If you choose the fancy version of the A3 above, remove all the unnecessary side rails as they will just get in your way.  

-  If you do go AEG, get a good set of v3 trigger contacts that doesn't melt (2nd disabling flaw), or go MOSFET.  IMHO, I would highly recommend to go GHK as that is the best GBBR ever manufactured.

- Best sling for the AUG A1 is an SA80 sling, which has some issues compared with modern slings but fits bullpups quite nicely.  Also, do not ever use or place the sling point in front as it will affect ability to operate the charging handle.  On the A1 we use the rear scope handle as a sling point (as indicated in the picture above).  SA80 sling is a 2 point unclips to 3 point sling and is very useful, but not QD which is the only drawback.  

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