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  1. 3vi1-D4n

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I find that the BBS structure of forums allow for better navigation of themes and discussions than Social Media based Group UI. As for airsofting, some of us have been in this hobby for 20-25 years. I remember my first skirmish in 1994. The thing is, learning and growth in airsoft gets to a particularly point and then the challenge curve reaches a plateau. You can get proficient at weapon-tech, individual fieldcraft, and then build a good section/squad. But to build beyond that size of organisation for anything more epic, requires doctrine, training, military mindset and discipline, and lots of money and hardware. Most civilian players are not willing to commit to this for a 3-24 hour affair. Only people who will function beyond the plateau are ex-military personnel, who have had the conditioning to begin with. Hence airsoft is a bit of a lost cause to most, and life has other priorities that will push it aside. It is a shame, a well planned airsoft event with combined arms and a good battlespace infrastructure can be far better experience than the average company sized infantry exercise. Even a well planned section level airsoft event, is far more dynamic and team dependent than footie, rugby or basketball IMHO. Airsoft is the sport of kings (or king makers).
  2. 3vi1-D4n

    WE's jet-fire

    R&D cost too high? Note sure. The Mini UZI design comes from Western Arms, which they bought the manufacturing license to their pattern and their blowback valves and units, and then subsequently installed into their old patterned GBBs. I have the Mini UZI closed bolt, which is strange as the WA version is the open bolt design.
  3. 3vi1-D4n

    Makarov or Tokarev TT-33?

    I have had 2 Makarovs come into repair where if I tighten the screw too much it would not cycle. I had another Makarov that was fine when the screw was tightened, so not all are the same.
  4. 3vi1-D4n

    Stubby Car15

    Having a spare pinion is a must particularly if the grub screw is worn. I have a modified pinion remover that works on D-shaped motor shafts as well as round motor shafts, but if all else fails you may have to cut the pinion out with a dremel. I find that different manufacturers use different pinion gear and bevel gear sizing and teeth shape. Having a mismatch results in a grinding noises in the gear. I often modify motor shaft lengths to fit. Some guns like the JP FAMAS or SIG 55x have custom motor lengths and if you want to put a good Lonex or SHS into the rifle you will need is a dremel and a cutting disc, and an old sock. - Remove Pinion gear from motor, best method is to blow torch the grub screw and then unscrew. - Measure the shaft to the appropriate length and mark. - Stick the motor in the sock with only the shaft sticking out. This is to prevent the iron filings sticking to the motor when cutting. - Cut the shaft down to appropriate length with dremel - Reshape/re-cut the D cut out on the shaft to fit the pinion (if the pinion is D-shaped) - Mount the Pinion, grub screw and locktite That should work.
  5. 3vi1-D4n

    Makarov or Tokarev TT-33?

    If you go chrome, then both the WE TT33 and Makarov PMM are fairly hardy. Matt black coat just wears out and increases friction. The WE TT33 does require a file down of the rear sight in order for it to work, that and its hop up lever is pretty garbage resulting in either heavy hop or no hop. I had to make a Hi-capa hop lever fit the TT33. However, the Chromed PMM is slightly sharper around the edges due to the electroplating process, and I find my hands get cut. The PMMs hop is fine, its Achillies heal is the slide stop and the barrel mounting trunion which knocks itself loose but the screw cannot be tightened all the way due to slide to barrel tolerances. But it works well. So I bought the Chrome TT33 and a black Makarov. The TT33 roughly fits a M1911 serpa and the Makarov fits a modified PPK serpa.
  6. 3vi1-D4n

    WE's jet-fire

    If pocket pistols don't sell badly , then why not make the PPK or M1934? I have owned both the M1934 and the PPK GBBs (both disintegrated on me) Who here has actually bought a WE pocket pistol? And why?
  7. 3vi1-D4n

    WE's jet-fire

    G3 and FAL while popular from airsoft aficionados , isn't as popular across popular media as the UZI. Then again I am old school, and knows little about the guns in modern video games today. In saying that, pocket pistols are a bit strange. Aside being great platforms for .22 conversions I am unsure why there is a market for small pocket pistols that aren't useful in CQB or in the field.
  8. 3vi1-D4n

    Stubby Car15

    Ouch. I shall retire to my Trusty plastic welding tool.
  9. 3vi1-D4n

    WE's jet-fire

    Don't really understand why make the jet-fire or the ct25. I can understand for the M1934 and PPK as they both have collector value. And and open bolt UZI would be more popular compared with the G3. So I don't know what WE is thinking.
  10. 3vi1-D4n

    Stubby Car15

    It comes from a Madbull Patriot kit. Mines the long foregrip which was shortened, which was what I had at the time. The Short foregrip version would be more authentic. Then as you pointed out, is the problem with the pitch. Madbulls work on RS pitch, while ICS is on original Marui Pitch which is thicker by a mm overall for both ID/OD. Takes a bit of effort to deepen the grooves with dremel and cutting disc. The barrel is actually custom made also to achieve the effect. Its great having a lathe at home.
  11. 3vi1-D4n

    Stubby Car15

    Made a K23b.
  12. 3vi1-D4n

    What Would You Buy Right Now [AEG, PISTOL COMBO]

    Its really down to how well do you know yourself and your weapons: - What purpose. - Your preferred mindset (strategic (MGs), distance (DMR/Boltie), momentum (assault), dynamic (CQB)). - How you use it? Training, fieldcraft proficiency and time for practice. I have 50 guns in total: 15 Handguns, 6 SMGs, 4 PDWs, 3 Bolt actions, 7 MGs, and 15 carbines and assault rifles, all different makes and models. So I can mix and match as I see fit. But there are some general rules of airsoft I follow: - Generally speaking all AEG and DMRs rifles are the same, MGs are different, and bolties/shotguns are for hunting people. - No point in carrying a gun thats heavier than the real steel. But also, no point in carrying a gun thats less than half the weight of a real steel either, otherwise I would just play VR. - In the games I play where ammunition is limited, GBB/AEGs rifles are just really big pistols with a little more range and a little more reach. - There is no point in aiming at anything greater than 40m with an AEG/GBB rifle. While its possible to hit people beyond 50m, unless you have friends shooting in the same direction probability of hits drastically drops, beyond 30-40m, unless you have an MG/DMR and run 0.3g or higher. - DMRs and MGs are just very heavy AEGs unless the teams move while you shoot. So there isn't much point in carrying one unless you have a good team. - DMRs and MGs work better with an assistant to find good spots and guide you onto target. - Pistols are mostly for last ditch or indoors. If you are fighting between indoors and outdoors, carry a small pistol because otherwise its carrying dead weight. If as an indoor primary then go hi-capacity. - Carry the smallest/lightest package for what you are trying to achieve as no point in carrying everything and the kitchen sink. e.g. * Vehicle/CP work: MP9/Skorpion. * Team Leading: MP7/P90/M733 (staying out of the fight until you need to join in) * CQB: General SMG or PDW * FIBUA + outdoor: General PDW to Carbine (5" - 10" barrels) * Woodland patrols: Generally anything from 10"-18" barrels > 1.5 J * Open country: Generally anything from 16" to 22" barrel. > 1.7 J * MG: Any MG, with drum and w/ heavy rounds > 1.7J * DMR: Any AEG, accurised, w/ heavy rounds > 1.7J - You are bound to get hit even with the military training/experience you have received, roles you take etc, so suck it up.
  13. 3vi1-D4n

    Who’s MP5is the nicest?

    Correction: WE MP5: Open with incorrect curvature or closed with correct curvature but holds less gas. WE Magazines are also too wide compared with the real steel MP5 magazines, which are dimensionally replicated on the VFC MP5 GBBs. While the WE MP5 GBBs do feature stamped receiver, its different from the VFC MP5 GBBs. VFCs are far more rigid, and ironically more solid than the real one. WE MP5s feature softer steel and easier to rust. However it is better constructed than the SRC, which feels tinny like a Pakistani MP5. While I haven't tested the newer VFC MP5 GBBs, the older VFC versions (I owned MP5A5, MP5SD6, MP5K PDW) had realistic rate of fire, but low recoil and poopy magazines. While everything is dimensionally accurate, and accuracy is pretty good also, durability and performance leaves a lot to be desired. The WE MP5s have far lower rate of fire, higher recoil and better magazines. While there are a few things dimensionally off from the RS, (rear sights are too tall leading to shooting far too high off the sight picture, and magazines), the gun works as required and is very durable. I have the PDW and run it exclusively with short 15 round (26 round) magazines. Both GBBs are not really fitting for the speedsoft crowd, but both a sufficient to hold its own indoors. Outdoors its ok since the both the WE and the VFC pumps out 400fps+ (WE MP5K PDW pumps out 320fps unmodified and 360 modified) , but the long mags are an inconvenience in the bush, as is the open magazine channel which allows debris to get into the magazine follower. Since I do mostly command Post or vehicle work in our games, then the MP5s aren't that bad, as weight (2.5kg for PDW vs 3kg for MP5A5) is a factor rather than size. Though I have other choices available for similar purpose; Skorpion Vz61 (1.3kg), MP9 (1.5kg), MP7 (2.1kg) , Mini UZI (2.5kg), Troy M7/HK416C PDW (2.3 - 2.5kg), or ACR PDW if I am game for carrying a 3.6kg PDW. Not the worst I had to do, carrying a GPMG in and out of a cab of a Pinzguer...
  14. 3vi1-D4n

    Tokyo Marui at 59th All Japan Hobby Show 2019

    The EBB better be durable, unlike the NGRS blowback system. Not selling my GMG42 for that lol.
  15. 3vi1-D4n

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    While its a solid engineering feat, I can see that without a firing pin delayer the gun will have seriously weaker recoil compared with other models, particularly on auto. I would suggest looking at fitting a GHK firing pin assembly onto the hammer (GHK hammers are attached to their firing pins), as they work on a cam system and works as a built in delayer. Otherwise, good effort! With all the weebs liking all the HSLD AR setups, it is great to finally meet a man of culture

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