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  1. 3vi1-D4n

    Your Favorite Tokyo Marui Pistol (s)

    Would love to get the P7M13 as a Marui GBB. I think there is a distinction between the older generation of Marui GBBs and the newer generations. I have had most of the older generations: G17/G18/G34/G26 P226 92FS Old type/New Type Hicapa 5.1/4.3 1911/MEU/Detonics Desert Eagle 5-7 There are some cross overs which I haven't owned such as the PX4 and XDM, and M&P9 Whereas I have only played with the newtypes: FNX-45, USP, HK45, and G19. The Glock 19 so far is the most impressive out of their line, with great weight, gas efficiency and kick. However, FNX and the USPs are good consistent performers and they blow most of the older selections out of the competition. M&P9s are also very good. In terms of feel however, the 5-7 is the best. Most Marui's are far lighter than the real steel, while the 5-7 is close. It does have issues with blowing itself to pieces but with a bit of rework it can be a decent platform. It is a shame that holsters for it are not readily available.
  2. 3vi1-D4n

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    Is there a holster for this?
  3. 3vi1-D4n

    GHK AUG H-Bar LMG w/ GBBR hicap

    I have lightened my recoil spring on my Steyr to 80%, seems fine. But yeah it does depend on your internal friction. RS Steyrs by design are pretty bad when it comes to managing friction, so they are both overgassed, and over sprung. The GHK is actually much better when it comes to that, as it has a nearly contactless bolt carrier to the receiver, and the hammer springs are rather light. In terms of accuracy, I modified the hop unit so it would fit a modified VSR hop rubber, on its AEG barrel, which I modified to fit the VSR hop rubber. That seems to work fine, and saves me buying a TNT hop unit. I find that the GHK stock rubbers are great as they are, until it overwhelms with silicone oil or water, then they have < 100ft of range. VSR rubbers are a bit more tolerant for water, and a little better for oils, but still oils do affect it. So having the VSR hop already is an advantage. With a VSR hop unit you can change rubbers to flat hop types, though it does depend on your knowledge on tuning. I find that flat-hops don't work if you don't have the right nub in the hop units. Soft hop nubs and hop rubbers give better hopping range and consistency, but leaks gas/low FPS and doesn't hop heavy BBs. Harder hop rubbers give higher FPS, can use heavy BBs but doesn't give consistent hops, and then the shape of the hop rubbers make a difference too. Anyways, keen to see how the Steyr HBAR project goes. I would never use a bipoded Steyr per se, but its still cool to see something unique. I personally want to make a WE RPK, but that would require a GHK receiver which I am not willing to spend money on just yet.
  4. 3vi1-D4n

    GHK AUG H-Bar LMG w/ GBBR hicap

    Quite simple solution to the R-hop/flat hop issue: Lighten the recoil spring so the BB doesn't get thrusted into the chamber at high velocity leading to inconsistent seating. Nice work on the bipod, though my biggest concern is the barrel rigidity. The GHK stock barrels were just aluminium so it already has rather dubious rigidity, and now the bipod is there. Even on the real steyrs, the weight of an M203 unit is often enough to shift the zero of the rifle. I would probably use a steel barrel and then use an alu barrel extension. Threads won't do so the best way is to get the barrels to overlap the inside and outside sections to a really fine dimension and then pressed, glued and pinned to get a tight fit.
  5. 3vi1-D4n

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Its been how long?!?
  6. 3vi1-D4n

    S&T PPSH

    This is the review section no?
  7. Having used a number of Steyr AUGs, airsoft and real steel, my advice would be: - Try keep the weight of the weapon down. A 20" Steyr AUG A1 will load up to around 4.2kg, while a 16" will load up to around 3.8kg. So having a lengthened RIS is dead weight and also affects your ability to field strip or to keep the rifle clean. - AEG Steyrs have a number of disabling flaws, one of which is a long barrel supported by a pivot of the barrel trunion, and a plastic inside outer barrel. Chopping the barrel down will minimise this issue of having the outer barrel flop or being banged around. - The Steyr AUG 20" is a very balanced weapon, but not the most manouvreable. Steyr AUG 16" is the best balance between accuracy and portability, though it is a little more rear heavy. Highly recommend using the 16" in both the real steel and the airsoft. I would often balance out the 16" foregrip with fishing lead hop glued into the foregrip. - If you choose the fancy version of the A3 above, remove all the unnecessary side rails as they will just get in your way. - If you do go AEG, get a good set of v3 trigger contacts that doesn't melt (2nd disabling flaw), or go MOSFET. IMHO, I would highly recommend to go GHK as that is the best GBBR ever manufactured. - Best sling for the AUG A1 is an SA80 sling, which has some issues compared with modern slings but fits bullpups quite nicely. Also, do not ever use or place the sling point in front as it will affect ability to operate the charging handle. On the A1 we use the rear scope handle as a sling point (as indicated in the picture above). SA80 sling is a 2 point unclips to 3 point sling and is very useful, but not QD which is the only drawback.
  8. 3vi1-D4n

    Your favorite WE pistols

    As far as I can tell the WE grips are compatible with the marui as well as the KJW. However the WE grips, like the Marui are far larger than RS sizing. KJW however are actually the closest while KWA is actually smaller. I have never removed the WE E2 style grip panels. I imagine it would be similar to the Marui version.
  9. This is how we used to mount the PEQ-2s. Australians have different mounts also.
  10. 3vi1-D4n

    Your favorite WE pistols

    I still have these WE pistols: IMI Desert Eagle Beretta M9 gen2 Chrome Beretta M84 Chrome SIG P228 SIG M17/M18 Walther P38 Chrome TT33 Tokarev Chrome PM Makarov Luger Mauser M712 Glock 23F with engraved slide + standard Gen3 lower 6" Hicapa In outdoor games where I run around a bit, I carry a Makarov, because it fits in a standard magazine pouch and doesn't have a thumb magazine release. However, equally I have carried the M84, P228, M18, etc. All fairly similar in performance though my favorite is the M84. Indoor games, I carry anything fun; M9s are generally pretty reliable, hicapas have a lot of rounds but are heavy, and TT33s are far more accurate than anything I have. Queue in the Machine pistols: M712 and Glock 23F with an old FAB Glock stock, and its pretty much anything goes. I would say the TT33 is probably my favorite, even in IPSC BB, though low round count doesn't help in the case. Machine pistols I would go for the M712 because it is butter smooth and very very hard hitting. Both the Luger and P38 are part of my WW2 collection which includes an M1 Carbine, Thompson, STG44, PPSH41, MG42. My WE browning is currently out of action atm. The Chrome DE however, is my video game gun, which i have next to my computer desk.
  11. 3vi1-D4n

    FN Picture Thread

    Takes M4geries to another level! Looks good though.
  12. Beretta 92s are usually out. Both RS and airsoft trigger return spring breaks and KSC/KWA models replicate the locking block breakage on the real one However they do take a beating and keep ticking. Dropped my marui, WEs and KSC/KWA in sand and dirt and used them for many years. SIG are ok, KSC SIGs FCG are made of monkey metal and the return rate to factory of those are really high, though the SIG Pros are better. Maruis are good, WEs depends on age as the magazine catch wears out OR the magazine wears out (I have a 12 year old WE 228). Some have fractured disassembly latches from constant impact. WE Makarovs needs constant screw tightening to prevent them falling apart. But aside from that they are pretty good. KSCs fall apart after the first magazine. Beretta 84 seems to be quite solid, though I carry my Makarovs more than my Beretta so not sure. Heel mag releases on the Maks are really good if you go for classic webbing and chest rigs. There are the CZ75s, the KWA also suffers from action failure, though I haven't used the KJW enough to see it. There are the KWA/KSC USP and HK45/P30. The KWA USPs has had issues with wearing/deforming sears, but the HK45/P30 seems ok for the moment. Marui USP and HK45 seems like good contenders also though I don't own one. There is the old school Walther PPK, not really a modern platform and the maruzen is leaky as hell. Also the Walther P38, its somewhat reliable with blowback issues and decocker issues from time to time, but not really a modern carry option. They are ok.
  13. 3vi1-D4n

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    I have seen DH mods with CO2 capsules, but yes capsules take up space and are prone to cool down just as much as green gas. Any recommendations around whats a good gas injector unit working off a CO2 bottle? And how much more efficiency do you get out of a magazine (using say a GHK M4 as a base model). Depending on the price, the full sized UZI would make a great addition to my collection. For the last 12 years I have been running exclusively ol'school IDF shirt and pants, A11 ephrod, M16A1/CAR15 Mekutzrar/Galil ARM/MAG58/Mini UZI. Only thing I don't have is a Tavor (sold 3 AEG ones), a micro UZI (Sold my Maruzen with a folding stock), and a full sized skirmishable UZI (sold 2 AEG ones), a pair of red IDF boots, and an M1 helmet (which I despise as I spent far too long in one back in the day).
  14. 3vi1-D4n

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

  15. 3vi1-D4n

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    I am a bit behind the times, I thought the DH mod was converting a GHK magazine to take CO2 capsule? Since the Mini UZI is already a CO2 gun, is the DH mod a bit defunct? Unless you are talking about modifying a standard green gas magazine to fill and use liquid CO2 via an injector adaptor for a CO2 bottle (not running a remote line).

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