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Archwick teaming up with B&T to make USW G17 Carbine Conversion Kit, SPR 300, APC-9K / US Army SCW GBB & APC 9 Series AEG SMG


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Today marks a special day for us at Archwick.  We are proud to announce that B & T AG of Thun, Switzerland has awarded us multiple airsoft product licenses, along with the authorization to form the new B & T Air brand.  
With B & T providing direct guidance and technical support, we are able to produce high quality B & T licensed airsoft replicas of exceptional replicated detail, workmanship, and perceived value.  
We’re both grateful and excited about this new opportunity to bring you the best licensed B & T Airsoft products possible.
B & T Air Licensed Products:
• USW G17 Carbine Conversion Kit for Elite Force™ licensed Glock replicas
• SPR 300 PRO Spring Powered Sniper Rifle
• APC-9K / US Army SCW (Sub Compact Weapon) Gas Blow Back SMG
• APC 9 Series AEG SMG





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