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  1. It seems forever ago that Hephaestus teased a GBB PP-19 Vityaz with no further evidence it would actually get released. Well has decided to pick up an alternative Russian SMG and is releasing a PPK-20 in AEG and GBBR which is pretty cool. I'm not too sure how Well will be able to pull off a GBB like this but maybe their Well "Pro" line is up to it. - ambi safety - 40 rd mags - claims to be MWS gas system Also some more mad minguns including a Nemesis style one, AK-12 AEG
  2. I have a repro 660 which isn't bad. How is it mounted though?
  3. Love it. Is that torch mount a repro and available or is it one of those impossible to find RS ones?
  4. Well yeah, they'll be plastic. These will never be for skirmishing. Fairly safe to say metal kits will come out for these. But yeah, a full metal VFC PPK would have been preferable.
  5. Maruzen finally bringing out a Walther PPK so everyone can pretend they're James Bond. Thank you Maruzen. Very cool. 18 BB mag capacity. About $160. Available Feb/March 2024.
  6. Are you looking to buy a file to print yourself?
  7. Very good info in this vid that shows how to bypass how it's designed to operate and get it run with proper box mags. https://youtu.be/kxwj6QbtjU4?si=TFwuPNQ9fNXqsSLd
  8. Yeah. Just use a hosting site like imgur and it will give you the share links with the img tags pre filled in to just copy and paste.
  9. General consensus is that it's VFC.
  10. Same. I ummed and arrrd over getting one and then it was too late and I didn't want to pay over the odds for one that's probably been ragged to death and back.
  11. Should be officially announced next Monday the 23rd of October. Likely be $400.
  12. Sadly ignored in airsoft. But yeah, I would take a PPK over the PPK/S
  13. A TM Hi Cappa outer barrel will fit a TM 1911.
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