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  1. Steel slides for anyone brave enough http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=634_223&products_id=32973 http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=634_223&products_id=32974
  2. OP says they've removed both grub screws. If you can see threading, you're looking at the grub screw recess, not screw.
  3. Ah. Shame. What about vinyl transfer sheet? The type people cut designs from and use a heat press to put onto t shirts? That can't cost much I wouldn't thought.
  4. Wow. These look very impressive indeed. You have far more patience than me. I wonder if a Plasti Dip type spray paint might be better suited for the lettering. I don't think it would bleed into the nylon.
  5. Tricky to apply heat at the threading considering you'd have to go through the holes in the handguard. Can you see where it's catching? Maybe that orange tip is stopping the handguard from sliding off?
  6. One of these? https://www.emgarms.com/14145/ Looks like you need to unscrew the handguard to get an idea of what going on. There might be a hidden grub screw holding it on perhaps.
  7. Sounds like you're one stretch away from potentially ending up on a register 😄
  8. Excellent write up. Thanks. That has to be the most odd airsoft packaging I've ever seen. Could you briefly explain how the drum rotation is powered? I see the key winder at the front of the drum but I can't work out how that is translated to rotational spring power. Also, please can we get a video of you mag dumping it, sans stock and barrel?
  9. Not going to lie, I didn't think these would ever materialize but I'm happy they have. Even if there's only a very limited amount out there. Very cool indeed.
  10. Indeed. I wonder if it actually is DE. Could be a higher end OEM and DE is putting their name on it? Seems pretty odd. $400 is VFC money.
  11. APC556 in stock at Octagon. Apparently Double Eagle OEM. https://www.octagonairsoft.com/product-page/fcw-apc556-style-aeg-double-eagle
  12. Wow. That looks god awful. That CGI blood headshot...Atrocious.
  13. Nice. How do you source these? Do you use a Japanese buying service?
  14. The recently released Monster Hunter was full of airsoft grade tactical gear and guns. One of the many things that made me laugh was this PEQ unit's paint job, completely obscuring the light & lasers with the cover on. Whilst his team mate engaged with her Beretta at a target 6x it's effective range lol. Also check out this ballistic helmet complete with polystyrene lining under that flimsy plastic shell.
  15. CR123s are really that expensive in Belgium? Over here you can get 10 posted for £15 on ebay and that's with a 1 second search. Probably cheaper deals out there. And that's branded Panasonic, Energizer etc. As said, the EG Tactical/Holy Warrior are the only models worth looking at for the Eotech look. I think the Vortex line is the sweet spot at that price point but you could look at Vector Optics which are cheaper but offer CR2032 battery options. There are probably a few Holosun and Sig Romeo models worth taking a look at like the Romeo5.
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