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  1. hitmanNo2

    Light Protection

    Surefire heads are roughly 2mm bigger in diameter than AA Maglites but I guess if it's rubber there will be some flex to accommodate the Surefire. I don't recall them being recommended but they might be OK. I've cut some 3mm polycarbonate discs and friction fitted them to inside the bezel. You could probably get away with 1mm polycarbonate discs that you can cut with scissors. Sandwich one of those in a clone Surefire IR filter flip housing is another approach.
  2. hitmanNo2

    A Sniper Sidearm..your picks

    Edit. Ignore
  3. hitmanNo2

    Tokyo Marui 2020 Online Festival

    8th of October for the MK18 release.
  4. hitmanNo2

    WE New SMG ?

    Exactly what I was thinking. If you wanted that slanted Glock aesthetic, keep the base at 90 degrees but supply a +2 extension pad.
  5. Have you tried WA direct? There's not really many accessible places unless you have a contact in Japan unfortunately.
  6. hitmanNo2

    Rechargeable CR123A Usage in Airsoft Accessories?

    I can't say I have any experience with rechargeable CR123as but I do have some disposable Trustfire ones I bought back in 2011 for $1 each that have been sitting in a clone Surefire M900 and it's still as bright as the sun so maybe there is an issue with the DBAL?
  7. I'll try and find an SD chamber and see what it looks like. I'm not sure on the ease of removing the BBU after you install the copper clip. I'm sure it can be done but it's probably a bit fiddly. I can't remember ever installing one tbh.
  8. Oh yes, there are many, many Magna/R-Type SVs (or does R-Type just relate to the hybrids? I forget). Lots of pre SCW SVs anyway. It's been a while since I've played with WA chambers but they're interchangeable between 1911 and SV. I seem to recall having to file a bit on some chambers to get them to work. I just swapped a Magna SV chamber into an SCW 1911 and vice versa with no issue so I'm not really sure what's going on with that SD chamber. The copper clip keeps the blow back unit secure in the slide as the Prime slide doesn't have the same retention system as the WA slide. The rolled edge fits in a groove in the slide and the 90 degree lip slips over the edge of the BBU.
  9. hitmanNo2

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nice. Is that slide finish Guarder's factory finish?
  10. hitmanNo2

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    Posted by Samoon. Getting close to release?
  11. hitmanNo2

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Yeah. I'd imagine it's the same OEM and they just use all these re-branders to try and avoid legal issues with Vortex.
  12. hitmanNo2

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

  13. hitmanNo2

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Is that the EG Tactical 1-6x?
  14. hitmanNo2

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    https://store.kwausa.com/professional-training/ With some testimonials no less
  15. hitmanNo2

    The Computer Question Thread

    E-mail question Person A sends an e-mail to Person B "Hey. Can you send me that thing?" time stamped at 14:00 Person B sends an e-mail to Person C "Hey. Can you send that thing to person A" time stamped at14:40 Person C sends an e-mail to Person A "Hey. Here's that thing you asked for" time stamped at14:20 How could it show the person sent the e-mail before they were asked to? Is this a case of time zones *fruitcage* up the timeline?

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