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  1. Very cool. Thanks. I've been planning on putting a light on my M733 and that looks like the perfect balance of retro and actual usability.
  2. If they're smart, they'll release a cheaper, somewhat gutted one for people to use as a shell to make a proper G11. Or at least attempt to make one out of it.
  3. Get yourself to a game at Longmoor. That should be sub 30 mins from you. Legion Airsoft are starting up their Battlesims there soon.
  4. It's always a concern to consider what I'm about to see when I enter this thread after seeing it bumped by RC ha
  5. Looks like one of these https://shop.jkarmy.com/5ku-sparc-m-comp-for-14mm-ccw-bk.html
  6. I'm guessing we'll see a GHK G19 then another Glock variant, most probably a G34 before branching out into any other models. Sig M17/M18 seem the most logical though a 1911 would be cool.
  7. Another exquisite build. Very nice.
  8. That's odd. I heard from them yesterday that they have just received a load in and would be shipping them next week.
  9. General consensus seems to be, don't pre order anything from Octagon Airsoft.
  10. Two different companies making the same niche gun so close to each other? Seems unlikely. Probably the same guns with a license slapped on them.
  11. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of options for Aug stuff. Evike seems to be one of the few places that stock Aug barrels https://www.evike.com/products/29312/#pagetabs Or this place in Canada https://www.herooutdoors.com/jg-full-metal-outer-barrel-inner-barrel-set-for-aug-series-airsoft-aeg-rifles/ I believe @Hedganian is the man to go to for Aug info.
  12. You made it to Popularairsoft https://www.popularairsoft.com/news/vipertech-gbbr-colt-lmgdiemaco-lsw
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