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Hi all,


Over the last few weeks, a great many tests have been done and we are getting closer to finding a solution. A couple of things are going to happen in the coming week...

1. The forums will go "Members Only" for a week.

This will isolate certain outside influences on server availability and hopefully cut down some leeching of resources. If after the 1 week trial period the problems are still apparent, the service will be switched back to open access. If this has cured the server problems though, the forums will remain members only until such time as the hardware can cope with unrestricted traffic.


2. The server's memory will be upgraded.

Well, it will be doubled actually - giving us a far more stable operating platform. In order for this to happen though the server will need to be switched off for a 4 hour period during the course of this week. Apologies for any inconvenience if this outage affects you.

Many thanks, ;)




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