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Upgrades Complete

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The upgrades to the server are complete. There was a little reconfiguring to do afterwards, and of course this database had to be repaired, but everything has now been brought back online.


I would hope that I can now go back to focussing on Ivery Music, without having to jump back here every five minutes to make sure everything is work, and when it's not, spend ages trying to figure out what is wrong. ;)


Like I said, the IMG's server hardware configuration is now substantially upgraded, so this should help keep this site flowing.


When Arnie gets back to his desk eventually (although hopefully not too long now!) he will be able to look into some of the eccentricities of his forum software, but in the meantime, we should have the power to cope with more or less anything.


I will check back here tomorrow just to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Hopefully everything is now fixed for good.


If the mods and users could possibly set up a thread exclusively for reporting post upgrade problems, and input them as and when they occur, then I don't have to spend quite so much time trawling through looking at things that might need fixing.


Well, that's me done folks, enough of babysitting this site....over to Arnie, R22 and the Moderators.


Nite all!


Tim Ivery

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