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Warning - Paypal Transactions

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The following comes form a thread kindly posted by Young_Christov:


A mate of mine recently sold his KSC G18C. He was sent the cash by the buyer over paypal and the goods were sent off, reps given, no problems.


a day later he got an email from paypal telling him that his paypal AND ebay accounts had been canceled because he was 'traficing firearms' (which is against thier rules aparently...)


link to image


Thats what he got done for. The buyer had said: 'Money for G18C' in the comments box. My mate has tried to re-sign up to paypal and ebay but the cards he used have been recorded and he cant use them anymore.


Be careful people...



So please bear this in mind when carrying out transactions for airsoft replicas using Paypal. Thanks. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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