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Warning Boomarms - HK based dealer


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Ok I did not know that there was an existing thread about BoomArms.


Anyway my problem got solved with BoomArms and I must stress on the fact that they have been very helpful and communicative.

Special thanks to Johnny, I would really recommand them for custom parts and special items!



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Ok, I'm having problems with Boomarms. No goods (G&P XM177 E1) after 2 months despite promises that they were in stock one month ago and would be shipped out within 2 days. They have since ignored all my emails, which is becoming a daily event now.



The phone number on the webpage doesn't appear to work- Permanent Address: Ground Floor, 8 Kwong Wah Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852)-2332-6411




So does anyone have an alternate phone number that works?

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All resolved and I have nice shiny, well, matt actually, XM177 E1 in my hands! And I have no intention of putting it down just yet!


I've been after one of these babies for years..


Finally got a reply. The chap dealing with me had been out of town and looking for a full trades G&P Vietnam XM177 type body for me. Finally found one and put the gun on the fast boat from China and here it is!


I'll stick with the impression I have from here of Boomarms- they do not have a great line in communication, BUT they ARE a good honest company. You will get there in the end. They could do themselves a lot of favours by just telling the customer what is going on when there are problems..


Right, I'm gonna grab my XM177, and sit down for 5 episodes of Tour of Duty before I didi on out of here. I'll make sure it's not loaded in case any Viet Minh jump Bravo 26...



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