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  1. I like the things this man is saying, and he is saying it well,

    Rock on my Bro!

  2. For what it's worth I have had two bog standard ARMY L85s for 2 years or more and both are used either in short 1 second bursts or single fire with no probs. The only prob is that if you don't do a definite pull on the trigger and all the way back, then semi can lock up sometimes. Stick to small bursts or long pulls and it's A ok. I use big-*albatross* 8.4v batteries only. Cracking guns and very good accuracy I find.
  3. Ok, finally got around to editing a pic I got the memsahib to take when we were on a tropical island called Redang in Malaysia, hence the dodgy sunburn... As mentioned on the first page of this thread, it is a work in progress as the artist left the country after finishing the outline (15 hours or so) so still looking for someone to colour it, and maybe add a second intertwined dragon. Head is on my chest. btw.
  4. bought an osprey armour cover off him quick an a good commumicator would deal with again :)

  5. Ooh, the modern day 480.... I loved my old 480 Turbo wedge of cheese-these any good?
  6. Love the old Volvo 2 door. Is it a 262? I used to have a 240 estate in Matt Black... Nice ZX6R too- I rode one of those last year and couldn't believe how easy it was. Bikes in my garage:
  7. A couple? A couple...? I've only had the outline done so far (my tattooist left the country just after so I'm looking out for someone on the same level to finish) and that cost waaay more than a couple of AEGs. Lifetime investment though.. I'll try to get a couple of pics done next weekend.
  8. I would, but I'd probably get banned for indecency. And rule the thread, so I'll give everyone else a chance first. Anyone seen 'Crying Freeman'..?
  9. Nice idea.. I've got a nice little Japanese dragon-I'll try and get a picture taken....
  10. NICE SPITTY!! Did you see the pic of my old Mk4 on page 107..? Great cars... Nice Capri too.. need to find an alley full of old cardboard boxes to run over... I has a new set of wheels... Choice was between a black Merc 500SL of 96 vintage, a black 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera, and a 1998 black BMW 328 Convertible. I chose the sensible option and got the Beemer. And very nice it is too.. 80k miles and full BMW service history and all the extras as it was originally a BMW demonstrator model. One button and the hood and windows drop and one to raise them all again which is r
  11. Bloody Chinese copy everything! Here is their very rare PLA T02 flecktarn uniform. Their brown Fleck is well known as their Tibetan uniform, but for a very brief spell they had a regular Fleck copy but this was replaced last year by the digital pattern. Jacket fits me perfect but trousers are a little on the fat side.
  12. Yeah it sure does... it does help to make international parcels sub 2kg as they are then under the Small Package Rate which is much cheaper. That is about £20 a hit to the US. US postage is usually about half what we get raped for. Good luck with all that mate!
  13. Nice Kiwi ventile smock...... I love mine to bits- my fave mountain climbing smock..
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