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Sample posting 1: Why woman are better dancers



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From http://versive.blog.co.uk here is the first of two posts that I'm transplanting here just to keep in touch with all you guys :)




Yes I know, lots of posts today. I'm in the hotel all day (thank Norris for free WiFi, I can tell you) giving the new tattoo a chance to heal - I have photos of it coming up in a bit - those of you who know me and my tattoos; the ones I already have; will be surprised and I hope impressed and pleased with this new piece - and also to catch up on internet time, photo doohickies and the inevitable randomised meander through wikipedia that happens whenever you happen upon that site.

Honestly, only minimal porn has been involved. Seriously :>


Anyway I love to dance; those of you who have seen me dance know that I'm a pretty good dancer: for a guy.

Now, women are better dancers than men, this is because they have a feel for their bodies that doesn't come easily, or at all, to a bloke. Good male dancers get that way because of their greater skill in spatial awareness - I am a case in point. Women have a body designed for flowing movements and coordinated joint and limb maneuvres that are far more appealing and impressive than a man's - and the mental sensuality too, if you will, to use that type of body and move in a way that most guys can only dream of achieving, if they ever even bother to try and be good dancers at all.


I dance the old club style way (big-fish-little-fish-Card-Board-Box etc.) but y'know, I'm not bad on the dancefloor, people actually tell me this a fair bit, so I don't just have to fall back on my ego to tell you guys ;)


Carly, if you're reading, I hope you can back me up on this (remember the `jesus-christ-pose in Enzos all those years ago? Well I got better since then, but still, I was the best straight male dancer in the club that night :D )


Some of you from the early days - I'm looking at you, Jina, and those from the time of the HMV Wall (private reference folks, don't worry about it) know that I was as *beep* as any average fella when it came to thrusting my butt across the lino back in the old days; but now, well, I actually pride myself on the fact that a) people get out of my way when I start dancing in most clubs (although this could be through fear of injury) and B) enough people tell me I'm a good dancer every week for me to assume that this is so.




I want to show you this - you may have seen it already and, yes, it's another bloody video from Youtube, but honestly: THIS is how I feel when I get dancing, and I wish I was as good as her.

I watch this and try to remember it - it's all in the feelings shown not the movements, by the way - so I can have more fun and be better at what I'm doing when dancing the next time I go out.

Anyway, some Irish girl (dancing to a fantastic track for a good mince by Daft Punk), and boy, she is GOOD.





Can't embed videos here, so it's just a link, sorry...


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