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    Well most of you know what I HAD... 115 high-end guns, all sold except: a WE 1911 with silencer; a heavily upgraded Marui G36C; and a Marui M3 Shorty with M37-style Pistol-grip.

    All my WA and G&G and CA and ICS and WaShan am gone :'(
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    Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly awaaaaay.....
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    Romsey, Southamptonland, Englandtown
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    Hunting catholics across open ground; Traveling - woohoo!!; Writing (see my website and my blog here on Arnies); Singing dancing and making a nuisance of myself; Getting tattoo'd; Reading; Playing soldiers with toy guns :D and Organising stuff, like kick-*albartroth* parties and trips to new places.<br /><br />Oh, and I quite like the sauce, too.

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  1. *fruitcage* that - I'm still kicking here. really!! New 'hippy: new danger (remember that one, with the evil eyes? Cool.)

  2. Because the antics of drunken fools make for funnies? Hope so Have you been reading Versive at all young man? I ran into TheBauer on a forum in New Zealand actually now I think of it, I'll be back there in 2/3 weeks so hopefully go to a gam or two again I haven't had a gun in my hand for a long time, starting to get dangerous withdrawal symptoms In Fiji at the moment. It is such a hard life
  3. It seems in my absence that, despite 7 months with no entries, I still seem to reign supreme in Arnies blogland. According to all the numbers, anyway, which can hardly be denied. And anyway what happened to GR and Hardcore Mitsuko (is this a sensitive topic...?) as I coudln't even see their blog up here. I know it's not all that important, but is the large amount of traffic on my blog (Versive) taken directly from Arnies - I would hope not. Yet still I seem to be on top - by a huge margin, despite the fact that Snowie, just for example, has better things to write about and the rest of
  4. From http://versive.blog.co.uk here is the second of the samples I'm giving to you lovely lot - swear words allowed on my blog may be hashed out, or may just be fruitcaged - I hope those bits don't get totally cut out thiough because some of them are rather relevant. We shall see. - I should be on a boat touring the local islands right now, but I valium'ed and slept in. Plus after a 7-hour tattoo session yesterday with only 2 five minute breaks, I felt I was owed some leave-me-the-pissing-*fruitcage*-alone-people-please time just at the moment. So as promised, the sordid deta
  5. From http://versive.blog.co.uk here is the first of two posts that I'm transplanting here just to keep in touch with all you guys - Yes I know, lots of posts today. I'm in the hotel all day (thank Norris for free WiFi, I can tell you) giving the new tattoo a chance to heal - I have photos of it coming up in a bit - those of you who know me and my tattoos; the ones I already have; will be surprised and I hope impressed and pleased with this new piece - and also to catch up on internet time, photo doohickies and the inevitable randomised meander through wikipedia that happens wheneve
  6. hippy where art thou?

  7. I must say I am impressed, heartened even, by flicking back here on the off-chance and seeing the lovely vote scores and page views have gone up even in my lengthy absence; you really are too kind. Now, to the real business now I've kissed your arses a bit, if you want to see how things are going on, and read more of my twitterings, then again I am gonna plug my new blog at http://versive.blog.co.uk This is nothing personal against the venerable Arnies, of course, I just need a site that can be accessed by all without signing up or signing in, and that isn't tied to our favourite spo
  8. Good afternoon!!! Bloody hell, I'd kinda forgotten you guys existed. Nothing personal, I've just changed focus so much this year that I've not been airsofting more than 10 times, I don't think, and that included the utter debacle that was the ground zero weekender. I got smashed beyond belief, caused a lot of trouble, and became, how shall we say, disenchanted with the whole affair. Nothing against the game just some of the players, and it was time to leave in general so I have, I did, and it was good. Also getting really fat this year hasn't exactly helped my attitude towards running aro
  9. You really ain't missing much dude So........ I feel at a bit of a loss here, only got like one beretta left and it's an HFC - I feel a bit like a class traitor!
  10. Nice username, bit fond of the Columbian marching powder are we? Further to Darklite's brief eulogy on the nature of Kuan Ju Works as an airsoft retailer: KJW are very poo, most of the time ... KJ largely make copies of Marui gas handguns and Tanaka gas rifles, and do so very well for the money - but their materials and quality control is often lacklustre and the finished products often bear a large proportion of `lemons` - i.e. guns what don't even work proper, like. Their USPs/P8s are particularly bad, almost all of them being utter ###### in fact, whereas their Glocks are
  11. Mag releases on many S&Ws just have that notch in them. There must be a S&W picture thread surely? Not that I'm anything but pleased to see that piece dude
  12. Gotta love Cougars man, very sweet
  13. That *suitcasey* weather someone mentioned is the best - overcast skys give the best possible light for photographing still life, although it's been so long since I contirbuted I'm working from distant memory here ...speaking of which, whoever wanted my TLE/II is in luck, PM me it ya still interested
  14. Little offer for anyone wanting to help a hippy and make themselves a few quid; I am too lazy to do this, as usual, but if someone can find a black threaded outer barrel, black trigger and black hammer for an SCW2 Kimber TLEII, and fit them to the gun which I will send to you, then there's £15 in it for you plus the cost of return postage. For you guys who know where all this stuff is and can reassemble a WA 1911 in seconds then it is eeeeeeaaasy money All new or very little used bits, by the way, and I'm not too fussed about which style of trigger or hammer to be honest; just give me
  15. Yeah I'll second that. I would have a small ary of compacts if I was still in the business. Carry on chaps, you're breaking my heart and then mending it about 3 times a page at the moment :D
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