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Chris North


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It's been over two months since my last entry. Not really sure why I haven't updated, just too lazy I guess. A bit's gone on in the past 60 days, though nothing really more interesting than what I usually post. About the title: It's surprisingly difficult coming up with a smart and interest-grabbing blog title, so leave me alone! :P


Relating to airsoft, not a whole lot has happened. I sold off a large portion of my collection, though I still have a pretty decent amount of stuff left. I am still trying to get rid of some more of the things that rarely see use, like that assassin case I put together a while ago, as well as a WE 1911 I got in a trade. I've also had it with my Desert Eagle, so I'm selling that too. The straw the broke the camel's is the main valve on the mag, which had a piece that holds an O-ring on snap off for some reason. I really had a lot of fun with it, but the damn thing spent as much time broken as it did working. No one's showed any interest in it yet, though, so I fear I may be stuck with it. :(


Funnily enough, I used to not like buying or selling second hand goods. It was just something about the lack of warranty, and chance that some one could screw you out of your money and stuff. I'm not really worried about either of those anymore, though I have found that owning what was some one else's baby sort of makes me have a hard time labeling it as mine. I'm dealing with it though. :D


I've recently acquired a CYMA SOCOM16, which seems to have given me the upgrade bug. I've not done much to it, nor do I plan to do anything with the internals (except maybe a re-wire job) but I keep wanting to buy external stuff. It's the only gun that I've had this happen. It is a pretty nice gun though, it's just really heavy. So far anything that has to do with this gun involves the For Sale forum. I was about to buy a SOC16, when I found one for sale for a great price, then I found a bi-pod, then some one offered me a scope mount, and now I'm negotiating a trade for a bunch of other stuff. Pretty great.



In other news, I've actually got a (semi) legit job! I say semi-legit, because it's still working for people I know, so it's really hard to get fired and I get a lot of leeway with picking days that I can work. It pays well, though it is a bit labor intensive. It's actually for my uncle's father's excavating company. Pretty much I do the *badgeress* work, since I can't do much else. I get a shovel, while every one else gets a bucket loader. :P I like it a lot though; there's something about the actual labor bit of it that makes me feel good. Sort of like a gym that pays you, only you don't get to pick the equipment you work out on.


I actually got the job because my step-mom told me that my uncle (her brother) would be able to help me out if I wanted a job, since he works for his dad who owns the company. The company is pretty small, but they work at several sites and own their own equipment. I don't see my uncle's dad around too much, but I know him from before, and he's a pretty nice guy. I don't really think of my uncle as an uncle. He seems more like my brother in law, maybe even a friend or older brother, since we can actually be a bit competitive. He's got a personality some what like mine, and has led a life some what similar to mine. I don't want to be in his position in a few years though, even though it's not really an awful one, it's not a good one either.


Since I'm just a student that hasn't "flown from the nest" yet, I don't have to pay a whole lot of money to live comfortably, which has allowed me to use the money I'm making for just about whatever I want. I plan to work a bit more after the school year ends. Right now I can't do much since it's cram time, and a lot needs to be done.



Not much else has been going on that's worth telling about, except maybe that allergies have been acting up, and my old meds don't seem to be working. Every year this happens though, and it really sucks, to be blunt. I can't stop sneezing, my nose won't stop running, and my eyes tear up and are itchy. It's almost a full three months that I can barely function, so needless to say, it doesn't help with the schoolwork I need to get done, or with my new job.





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